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have you all heard of these shimeji things yet?
they're like little desktop chibis that walk around on your screen and be generally cute.

i saw a thread on /cm/ and it got me thinking, there are so many characters from yume nikki that i would love to have in shimeji form. i think someone is already working on a masada one. pic related.
would anyone be interested in a shimeji project here? c: i'd help out too.

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oh look, haha, there is a seccom one already.

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Did you make these yourself or did you find them?
How do you even make these!?

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I know the person who made the masada shimeji, I actually was the one who requested her to make it~ <3 but the process of making them is simple enough; basically what you do is take an already existing shimeji pack and draw up the frames for each animation for the character you want, and then you save your frames right over the existing ones and there you have it! it takes time to draw each frame though; I'm working on a couple myself and it's definitely taking its nice, sweet time and patience to do. ^^;

also on topic of the thread I am interested in and already am working on a Madotsuki shimeji, and am quite interested in making more depending on how she turns out. ;D

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Yes, there's a thread in /seccom/
As of now, Masada and Uboa Shimeji have been found. I suggested making/gathering a full YN character pack, and I started making graphics for a KyuKyu Shimeji.

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i never thought to check in /seccom/, sorry about that. i hope this thread is not too much of an intrusion. glad to see that interest in these things has been blossoming though. c:
kyu-kyu is one creature in particular that i had wanted to see a shimeji made of, so good luck with it! personally i may try my hand at a neon parrot or a drooling ghost to start, since they seem simple enough to see through to completion.

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Ah, yes, well, I was using ArtRage to make it and my trial ran out.

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I'm also hoping for a kyukyukun!
I found one of mono, is anyone interested in her?

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I'm afraid it's only the image file, you'll have to find another shimeji and replace the images in it with this one.

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