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Alright so me and my friend had a strange idea. A Soul Eater and Yume Nikki crossover. So yeah...we thought up some things that the SE and YN characters would do together...like
Maka and Madostuki braiding each other's hair and playing NASU
Hat and scarf girl and Asura going on an epic scarfy adventure.
Kyuukyuu-kun rubbing on Stein's bolt.
Spirit hits on the Toriningens and gets pwned.
Monoe and Tsubaki get makeovers. I couldn't really think of anything else...
Patty tortures Monoko with giraffes and stoplights.
Liz is haunted by the D: face ghost.
Sid and Shitai become best of friends.
Kid rapes FACE Because it's symmetrical.
Soul and Masada have an epic piano duel on Mars.
Black Star punches a Toriningen in the face becuse that's how he rolls.
Crona and Poniko attempt to do......things and UBOA pops out(Ask her about that one), then Ragnarok falls in love with Uboa.
Aaaaaand Mosquito and Blood-Bucket-kun becoming best friends.

Mind helping us out with other things..?

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-applauds- Here's one.

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ohh, to explain the Crona/Poniko thing...
Well, since it's possible that Uboa is Poniko's other personality or something, it's sort of like the same 2 people in one body thing like Ragnarok is with Crona.. that also made me like Poniko and Uboa more.
It's a bit more of a crack pairing but they do have things in common..
"The lightswitch flips upwards" "The doors open inwards"

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You might also want to blame that one comic with Poniko as Crona. I can't find it right now though.

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ok yes I blame that too

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Guess What? I found you.

I like the Poniko as Chrona idea.


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>Kid rapes FACE


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>Kid rapes FACE Because it's symmetrical.

What. Just... just what. How in the fuck would anyone come to that kind of conclusion?

"OMG IT'S SO SYMMETRICAL. Let's rape it!"

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