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Got teleported to this room by the toriningen who teleports you to the あ room. It's the one in the Bed Room in numbers world. I stabbed it, then went into the third closet to hell's crossroads, came back and interacted with it, and all of a sudden I'm in a room akin to the あ room except with that eye in it. When I step on it, everything is eye.

I tried looking at a map of the numbers world to figure out where I was but there's no door placed like that in the entire world.

Anyone know what's up?

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Could this be... A new find?

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No, it's an old find.. almost everyones gotten here before.

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well couldn't you tell me what triggers it?

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It's a random event. Same with going to the 'ah' room.

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Not on-topic in the slightest, but YOUR BACKGROUND!

On-topic, though, I've never seen this; definitely going to try to find it tonight.

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