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my face after looking at /uboa/ for a while and then hearing the loudest fucking thunder i have ever heard in my life; the whole house shook + some things were literally knocked off my desk.
its been POURING ever since.

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share things that happened to you while you were playing yume nikki
or browsing here, i guess

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I had my laptop with me on vacation and I was playing Yume Nikki on my computer exploring the white dessert about to see Monoko, when my 6 year old cousin comes up behind me and wants to watch...I was scared to let him see anything that might scare him and walked away from monoko.

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it was winter. my mother left the apartment at around 11:30 PM. was gone for an hour. i hear knocking at the door. she had slipped and fallen facefirst into the snow, was soaking wet and covered in blood due a broken nose. had been lying outside unable to move for about 20 minutes.

i didn't play for a while after that.

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oh my god ;___;
that sounds so scary and sad
i'd be traumatized forever
winter is a scary season though
if you live somewhere where it snows a lot; its dead quiet all day and all night.
because of this--you hear every little noise.
and of course the snow itself makes for some spooky imagery.

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Found Uboa, just as all the lights in the house flicked on and off.

I screamed. Like someone's bitch.

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my cat jumped on my lap during FACE

need i say more

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