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Hey uboachan, I just made this about an hour or so ago. I put it on cantbeunseen.com a little while ago, too. Enjoy.

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What exactly can't be unseen? That it's a face? The first time I uncovered it, I didn't see it as anything else. Blue Tom Nook/Mr. Resetti face. Sorry, no brix.

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File: 1279870236346.gif -(15.8 KiB, 180x265) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>Blue Tom Nook/Mr. Resetti face.

I lol'd

But whenever I look at that white part (labeled as nose in the pic) it kinda looks like a head.

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What is that supposed to look like besides a face?
Also, I was unaware of that site's existance, it's a pretty neat site.

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