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Why are the characters names be what they are? well obvuously Madotsuki is madotsuki, cause it says on the menu.

But why is Uboa Uboa? Poniko? Seccom Masada? You guys know?

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Fans did it
and I think some of them will never have any real reason
Why is the piano player called Sentimental Komuro Michael Sakamoto Dada-Sensei
Why is that white and black blob called Uboa

I think Poniko comes from 'ponytail' tho. And Monoko and Monoe from 'monochrome'.
Mafuraako is because Mafuraa = muffler
And...that's all I remember

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Masada was named after several people at once.
Sentimental, because in the game he "appeared" sentimental.
Komuro was a pianist.
Michael, because he looks like MJ.
Sakamoto was some other famous person.
Dada from something "Ultraman."

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Easy: Monoko - mono = monochrome, ko = child in Japanese.

Same logic behind Poniko, pony-tail + child. Monoe, not so sure. My guess is mono + moe? -shrugs-

Uboa = a kind of surprised scream (pronouned oh-whoa-uh or something like that, w and v are interchangeable with b in translation ((I know so for v, I think so as well for w)) from Japanese to English) in Japan.

That's as much as I know behind each of the fan-names.

Last edited 10/07/16(Fri)20:05.

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Nono, I'm pretty sure some of them come from RPGMaker names. Like, when we were deciding on monster names in the naming thread, Steve Leif Kareha popped up and someone looked at his file/sprite name and said it was called "kareha" there.
Also, I think that's the deal with Uboa too. Everyone even made a big deal about how its spelled weirdly? ウボァ.
Yes? No? Did I just make all of that up?

But yeah, most of them are definately fan names. Monoe = "Monochrome Picture", Kamakurako = "Igloo Girl", o-man, e-man... simple descriptive stuff like that.

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I thought I read somewhere that Uboa is actually called that because of the name of the npc in the code is a bunch of random symbols. I think I read this on Tropes.

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When you see it..

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... I don't see it. A mouth? An eye?

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Suppose to look like Uboa's mouth.

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ˇ▾ˆ <- this looks more like Uboa. :P

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If I'm not mistaken, Uboa is called that because someone screamed UBOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA when they found... it for the first time, or something like that.
Or maybe it's a NicoNico meme.

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I know It's most definitely to do with a scream of some sort, just not sure if it's as you describe it.

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Ever heard a typical japanese over-the-top yell?


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All I really know is that Yume Nikki is Earthbound+Silent Hill, but if it had dialogue, it would be Earthbound+Silent Hill+Conker's Bad Fur Day(or Im probably thinking about 2kki).

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