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Found it on YouTube.
It's an 'Unnoficial version' of Yume Nikki with a somewhat more happier ending.
I wish to find the download for this.

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Forgot to say:
Pic somewhat related. You have to see the video for the full scoop.

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The ending was pretty much what half of the fanbase wish that would happen.

But I want a download link for that.

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Sadly it looks like the blood area looks like it was thrown together, and one of the things you see with the "wrong door" is the same thing you see when you stab the scared mouth right before seeing KyuKyu-kun; something completely unlike KIKIYAMA. That along with the hall full of the effects looks a bit rushed too.

The "blood" hall with all the candles... seems to me the candles were recycled there.

And all that blood, holy cheezits.

Last edited 10/07/12(Mon)21:02.

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Yeah, I think they are the candles from Candle World, else they're from the RTP and I didn't notice.
For me it seems like the chipset of that whole area was recycled from Numbers World, including doors.

...I still want to see this unnoficial version though.

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-squints- I'm.... fairly sure the candles are from the RTP, but it's been a while since I used RM2003, so I can't be sure.

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Yeah some of the stuff is recycked from KIKIYAMA and RM2003.
But the music and 'bloody' background seems to be fanmade...

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Well there is a download link, and it's legit. You have to go to her dream bedroom, to the bottom left corner (not under the wall) and press enter. From there you can "unlock" the bloody door in the Nexus.

...And yes, it's fanmade. I was sad.

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How about posting that link...

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...It's in the Youtube link's description. But here it is anyway.


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>>4338 do you have to collect all the effects first?
Downloading as we speak.

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I... don't know if having the effects lets you activate the extra content. But you do need them all to unlock the entire ending.

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