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Has everything there is to be discovered in YN been found? Or could there still be some things not found, or documented on the wiki, ect. still lurking in the game?

Pic unrelated.

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Considering how thoroughly people have gone through the game, not to mention gone through its RPG Maker file, it's probably safe to say at least one person will have seen anything you discover in Yume Nikki already.

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Really? That makes the game seem a little less mysterious.

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Sadly, that's one of the side effects of a game like this becoming very popular.

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On the plus side, EVENTUALLY there will probably be a new version, so there will be more stuff to explore.

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I feel it's quite the opposite. You can see everything in the game, but what does it all mean now?

You can say it all means nothing, but that's no fun.

I think I had more fun making up theories than actually playing the game. Of course I try not to make completely crap theories, taking into account the relationship between items, areas, creatures, music, sound and symbols and try not to make presumptuous statements along the way.

That's just me, though.

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This is very true. The fact that almost if not everything has been discovered is great, in my opinion. Because the game is so interpretational in nature, it's different to virtually everyone.

I'd suggest against writing it off because there's nothing new to discover. Theories are half the fun of this game.

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