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What is the path to get to the ladder here? Or is there even a single way to get to it?

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Oh, I got it after a while. I'll try to make a picture of how in a bit

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But what is the fun of figuring it out when you use a reference to get through it?

It doesn't seem right. People who have to use maps and walkthroughs to get through Yume Nikki aren't enjoying the full mindfuckery experience. Wasn't the whole point of the game in the first place to explore and discover things on your own?

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I usually try to go through an area on my own, but some of the larger areas (especially looping areas) are just too confusing for me so I like to use maps so that I can see all there is to see.

I don't think it's defeating the point, it's just a different way to play.

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I still disagree. For myself, I remember spending a long while memorizing the full path to the ladder, and because of that I was able to achieve a sense of accomplishment once I reached the ladder without fail. However, when you refer back to a map/walkthrough, you don't get that same sense of accomplishment. See what I mean?
And like you said, since maps can show you all there is to see, once you see it, is it really all that exciting to see after you already know it's there?

I think that, in order to fully enjoy Yume Nikki, that you have to keep finding things out on your own. That sense of accomplishment that comes over and over again builds up while you're exploring and makes it more exciting to play as you discover new things with nobody's help.

This is just my opinion of how to enjoy Yume Nikki, however. Personally I feel like that as it becomes more acknowledged that more and more walkthroughs are going to be made and not many people will enjoy it as it was meant to be enjoyed.

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I don't think there's a single one way that any game is "meant" to be played/enjoyed. Each person enjoys games differently. I admit that it is really rewarding to find things on your own. I just have a low tolerance level to frustration while I'm playing so I'd rather use a guide to get through, say, Hell Maze than give up after 10 tries. Just to clarify, I'm not the OP and I found the path to the ladder on my own as well. I do best in small maze-rooms, but have trouble with the big looping maps so I like to use a guide now and then.

Personally, I like using maps or guides that won't spoil what's coming up. I remember one map posted a while back that was just squares with general descriptions like "hell maze" and "black and white area" with vague descriptions on how to reach one area from another. I'll usually use those types, and I won't really turn to them until about 6 failed attempts to find something.

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with the open areas with no borders i usually take a diagonal path of about 30 degrees, which given time will be able to traverse most rectangles. so mostly i do not need maps. the wandering around is the fun part anyway

hell.... well hell is another story. so is that static room

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I had to make a map of that ladder in case i had to go again. That somewhat gave a little more to the achievement.

Not posting it though lol, you're on your own OP.

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The path changes. Sometimes youll be able to go through, and sometimes youll only reach dead ends.
If your unlucky like me, it will open up when you have found every effect but Demon. If not, just check back until you can go through.

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