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Question, Uboachan.

I have just recently started playing Yume Nikki. I really want to go on the spaceship, and I have the Yuki-onna and Midget effects, but the only problem is that I can't seem to get to the hand staircase from the dream beds while Madotsuke is sleeping.

I managed to pull it off at the very beginning of the game, but now whenever I get in a dream bed, I just sit there, and the music plays. I can get out of the bed and everything, but I don't know why It's not taking me to the staircase ;_;

Please help a YN fan?

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It's a random chance, so keep trying. It's almost as annoying as getting Uboa.
Wake up and return if you're not getting it
I always get it faster on the bed at the candle world but that's just me

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This. It randomly chooses a bed each time you go to sleep.
I like trying to use the one in the dream world apartment. If it doesn't work up, wake up, go back to sleep, and try again.

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I've heard that the bed in the Snow World has a higher chance of being picked. Not certain if it's true, but that bed sent me to Masada both times I used it.

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