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Not sure if there's a thread on this, but oh well.

Everyone loves hax! Post em here if you have any silly hacks/edits.

I replaced the blonde effect with Uboa, and came down to see the original uboa. :B

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Well, I hacked Pipi in
Other than that, nothing
Except getting two Blonde Hair's and I don't even know how I did it

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Pipi is so creepy looking. :c

I'm trying to find out how to put an effect in. I made a sprite, and I'm trying to figure out .xyz files, mainly because the transparency isn't working. Then comes the programming, which I'm slightly understanding. :B

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You need a 256 color BMP and RPG Maker
just import the file through RPGMaker and select the transparent color when it does

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I found that out a while ago. :B Now for programming stuff.

Edit: The color keeps going from gray to a really desaturated blue when I save as a 256 color .bmp. whaaaaat

Last edited 10/06/10(Thu)20:04.

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That image format does strange things to colors.
It seems like you can choose the colors that show up somehow, since pasting an image into a 256-color BMP will cause it to have the same colors as said BMP...

for extra fun, try pasting pictures into the background of the Uboa area.

Last edited 10/06/11(Fri)10:55.

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I usually save it as a normal BMP and then find something to convert it to 256. It doesn't mess the colors so much. I'm using Aha View now, but it's a trial so yeah

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