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I'm not really sure where this goes, feel free to move it if this isn't the right board.

Anyway, here goes. I'm not a Masada fangirl. I don't imagine him as a beautiful bishounen, and I don't fantasize about saving him from loneliness with my beautiful love etc. etc.
However, Masada has somehow snuck into my head, and now acts as a "character" within my conscious (or maybe even subconscious) mind. He usually acts as a calm, neutral voice of reason or guide to new aspects of life. An example: Say I'm thinking about my bass playing, and I'm wondering if I should give up. Masada will then act as the voice in my head that says "Hey, don't give up just yet. You know enough to keep up your current skill level until you find a way to learn more." This is hard for me to explain, and it may not make any sense to you at all.

If it does though... Does anyone else out there have similar "characters" in their minds, taking on certain roles of your conscience? And has anyone else adopted one or more YN characters in such a way?
Sorry if this question is too strange. ^^;

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Not strange at all, in my opinion. I write novels as a hobby, I usually have full-length conversations with some of my characters. Not necessarily as a conscious, but moreso as people to argue with when desperately bored.

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Yes, yes.

Ever since childhood I always had these "companions" that gave me advice and encouragement in everything. They've always been there, for the longest time being very active and at some occurrences even "taking over" completely when I'm in a very difficult situation (like pilot change or something ololol)
It's almost as if they are different personalities, but they aren't. Can't explain too well.
Basically, they are their own persons, have their own identity, their own pasts, anything a normal human being would have and feel. They all react differently to a certain situation, so it's good practice for me to analyze what the next best step would be. Almost like chess, haha.

One of those "companions" is Snow, name I have adapted as my own nickname, after her telling me that I would feel "more stronger and confident" when people start calling me that. True to her word, I started feeling like my own person, having my own identity... again, hard to explain.~

Hmh~ as for YN-related characers, it's Madotsuki, but she doesn't talk much. Whenever I go biking she comes with me and we end up in the most impossible places.

Also, don't feel weird or anything for having a "companion", rather be proud of it! It means something in you is so very very clever that it wants to help you out and bring out the very best in you; the goodness in you.
Except when it's some kind of Toriningen, man must be harsh to be stuck in your own mind

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