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sup /yn/, found out about Yume Nikki today and i have to say i'm loving it.
Anyway, not sure if this should be in Theories, but i have a feeling these beds might represent binary, seeing as the level has a certain technical feel to it. What do you think?

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I'm sure every level has a deeper meaning. But those beds might be 1 for the folder ones and 0's for smiley face looking ones.

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It's a very interesting theory, I would love to see if it would sum up to anything.

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I think all beds in the area come up with this:

10101001 1 11
10101 1010101
11 1 11 100110011

1 1101010011
11101 0 00 101
101101 101011

or, if you invert the bed's meanings,

01010110 0 00
01010 0101010
00 0 00 011001100

0 0010101100
00010 1 11 010
010010 010100

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Which results in

>Error: Malformed binary. Your binary code is must be divisible by 8.


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