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For me, it was trying to go back from the place with the red-eyed cat and ending up in a place with somekind of wierd fetus in the backround...

And seeing a possesed toriningen for the first time, too.

For a safe-scare playthrough, I disable the sound before I try to "activate" anything, or when the map gets too scary-I'll still get scared, but to a lesser extent.

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Yume Nikki really wasn't scary; just unsettling.

The only things which got a spook out of me was looking in the sewer windows for the first time and experiencing a susccessful 1/64 UBOA the first time.

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Yeah, this game was just slightly disturbing and upsetting for me at times. Seeing as I've subjected myself to almost every horror game I can think of (and enjoyed every minute of it), Yume Nikki doesn't really scare me.

The only thing that did scare me a bit was Big Red. I wasn't sure what was going to happen if I stepped into his mouth, or how it was going to happen. When it closed down on me so suddenly, I jumped a little, lol.

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