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About a week or so ago after completing Yume Nikki, I had the idea to write a based on the many interpretations the game held. After getting a handful of positive responses once I pitched the idea, I began writing and outlining the beginning of my fiction called Opening the Book.

I plan to post a new chapter every monday, due to having other stories I'm currently working on.

Here's the home page on my website for my Yume Nikki fiction (this is where you can find a listing of the chapters I have done for Opening the Book, which as of right now is 3):

Here's the newest chapter:
Chapter Three; Sleepwalking

Here are past chapters:
Chapter One; The First Page
Chapter Two; Stepping into the Mist

After reading, let me know what you think here or on the site. Hope you guys enjoy. :D

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You don't need to have all the theories included - use whichever ones you want, so long as it makes for a semi-coherent story. Heck, you could even ignore every theory here and base it all on one of your own, if you really felt like it. I'd start reading it just to see what other people have taken from such an abstract game, and if it's good then I'd keep reading it.
[Man, it's getting harder for me to lurk, when people keep asking for replies. It just feels wrong to leave them hanging. I'm clearly not good at this kind of board?]

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Yeah, I was feeling kind of bummed that no one responded when I posted this last night. Really, thanks for the reply. I was sorta feeling like no one was gonna bite. If even for a single person, I'll write this. (Although I'd really like if more than one person showed interest)

And most of my theories are ones that were already brought up, although some are different. Almost all of them are interlocking, though. I could understand that there'd be a fear of the story being clunky from too many theories being mashed together, but the outline of the story is pretty streamlined so far, while retaining the surreal spaciness of Madotsuki's dreams and lifestyle.

I even have a decent explanation for why aztec objects are a reoccurring theme on Madotsuki's dream, one that meshes with another common theory about Madotsuki. It has a nice impact on the story, actually.

Also, I addressed a couple little issues involving the story's setting to make it seem a bit more realistic. Of course the game wouldn't bother including them, but in a story it's kind of necessary for the sake of making the 'real world' real. IE: Adding a bathroom, explaining how she gets food. Why/how she's so young and living alone in an apartment.

In short, I'm really excited to writing this story. I just don't want to write it for no reason, so I'd like to write it for the fanbase. :D

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I'm a writer but I can't commit to long stories. What about trying a few short stories based around different theories? You'll have to forgive uboachan, it's a little slow moving. Anyhow, I'd like to see some fan fiction personally.

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Hm. I could easily make it a short story without sacrificing much, provided other people would prefer a more compact story How would ten or fifteen chapters sound? I think I'd be able to get in my most important ideas into it by then. :3

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I always love to hear more theories and thoughts from people, especially people who are good at something like writing, film, etc.

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The only thing I'm worried about is that I'm introducing another main character. Not so sure how people are going to like that. The second main character won't be the main character. I've planned to switch the point of view each chapter between the main characters, being Madotsuki and the new person. (I don't want to say too much because I want to give you guys something to ponder over)

It's just that this second main character is crucial to a dynamic I've got planned. If I introduce a second character, it enables me to present the theories in the 'real world' and how they take shape in Madotsuki's dreams. Not only that, but it also helps fill in my own idea of Madotsuki's past and how it factors into her dreams.

You guys should see chapter one this Monday. I'm probably going to post a chapter of my Yume Nikki fiction every Monday because I still work on my other novels, which I post chapters for every other day. (Lol, Madotsuki Mondays, anyone?)

Hope you guys will be looking forward to it. :)

Edit note: Also, I really like editing my posts. Don't know why.

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I'll read if it is a good story. I'd go to fanfiction.net if I wasn't already disillusioned about them.
Don't worry about posting here and expecting replies. I'm totally new hear but I can recognize right away that this place moves nice and slow. I won't expect anyone to reply to anything I say for at least a day, if not a week.

I have been wanting to write something myself as well, mostly focusing on the weird love/hate relationship that stems around Masada. Gotta be something there...

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I've got a fun little section about Masada, actually. He plays an important role, along with Poniko. That won't come in for a little while, though. I think my order of theories is going to be Stoplight and the white flowers, Monoko, Masada and Poniko, Monoe, the knife and then the aztec theme/bloated scary creatures.

And I encourage other writers working on some Yume Nikki fiction. This game feels deep and I love the artwork that I find. I'd love to see more literature based on the game show up. I can give pointers and edit for those who want to get started but need some guidance if they aren't feeling too confident, too.

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I've got a second draft in the works for a 600+ high fiction work inspired/encouraged by yumenikki, so I can tell you right now, editing is a fucken bitch. Someone to help proof-read random bits of text for yumenikki fiction would certainly help me polish my own editing. Hey, maybe I'll do this over the summer afterall, assuming I can get internet after I move back in with my parents in their remote, little town.

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>I've got a second draft in the works for a 600+ high fiction work
>a 600+ high fiction work

This sentence confused me a little. Mind clarifying? 600 words? Or chapters? I'm gonna go with words, because that's a lot more reasonable than chapters.

If you meant words, then you've got it easy, bro. Most of my chapters range from 2000 to 7000 words, which can take a horrible amount of time to finish editing and proofing for errors and sentence structure.

If you meant chapters... then my heart goes out to you as a writer. That's far too much to edit on your own. In my opinion, that'd need a team of editors to proof completely and in a timely fashion.

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If you or other writers on this board need editors/proofreaders, I volunteer myself. I've been doing editing for years.

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Oh crap, yeah sorry. Pages. I don't trust my wordcount because the numbers always strike me as odd. I just did another check and its 1.5+ million words... Not sure what to think of this. I thought a decent length story was like 15k, but I'm not published so what do I know.
I'm not worried though. I wrote 400 pages of it last summer break and didn't finish it until late winter due to physics and stuff. So I'm kind of a fast writer. Not sure about chapters, I've got 22 so far, but my folkes think I need to split them up some more and expand here and there...

Dammit, tl;dr. Percentage wise, how close are you to finishing your fanfiction? I'd love to save it before next friday, because I'll be losing my internet.

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Oh crap, just saw this. You're talking 'bout yumenikki fanfiction in particular, right? Awfully generous of you either way.
I'll have to remember that next fall. I might have a fanfic or two then, hopefully smaller than 15 pages, but I tend to write up to 30 for short stories D=
And thanks for the applause in that theory thread XD (ya namefag)

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Ahh, 600 pages. That's pretty heavy, bro. I think my longest story I've written was 400 pages (after I trimmed it, was originally 500 or so, too long for my tastes), but then I got irritated with it and restarted the whole thing from scratch.

As for when it the fiction will be finished... Well, seeing as I still have finals/am getting a job soon/am working on another novel, I'm limiting myself to one post a week so I can actually have time for everything else. Maybe if I get time, I might post an extra chapter a week, but that's an if. The outline though is around 85% done, I've got the structure of the story all laid out. It's just a matter of fattening up the story with details and getting it all down.

Thanks for the offer. :D I'll have to keep that in mind if I ever get too swamped with shit to do it myself.

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I've actually pondered the lack of Yume Nikki fan fiction myself a long time ago (and strangely, never did anything about it). If you're planning to write one yourself then I got your back (even though I'm rarely here).

Hell, I even had my own swimming around in my head. Whether I actually make a move to write it out is unknown.

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I'm not sure how many writers I'm counting in this thread, self included, but...

Oho, why not collaborate ourselves (eventually)?

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A collab would be pretty fun. Once I get this tale out of the way, I say we get into the IRC or some chat and talk it over.

Doooo eeeeet, the more writing the better.

ALSO, I declare we should have a /lit/ board or something for Yume Nikki or writing that falls into a similar genre to Yume Nikki. y/y?

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I can't seem to post in this thread! (this is a test, if it works I'll try editing it to add my original message)
Edit: Okay no idea why it kept doing that, not letting me post in this thread. Umm, so I was trying to say that working with you guys would be awesome. I'd suggest using etherpad, a website that is like a chatroom but everyone can edit each others text, so people could write and edit together at the same time.

Last edited 10/05/16(Sun)13:49.

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I've never actually heard of that before. I like the way that sounds, actually. -looks- Google says they bought it out or something, but they made it open source. Now there's piratepad and such, which work the same as Etherpad.

Thanks for the headsup, though. That's definitely something I'll be using even if not here (although I probably will).

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I know, isn't that just an awesome idea?

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You people make me feel all tingly in my special writer places.

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I'm sure the chapter I'll be posting tomorrow will have the same affect on you. :P

I'm in the process of proofreading it as we speak, the chapter itself was finished sometime around the day after I originally started this thread.

I'll probably update the first post once I upload the chapter. :3

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I read it... and I want s'more.

>> No.3373   [Delete]   [Edit]

Very glad you liked it. :D What was even more surprising and enjoyable was the fact you COMMENTED on the chapter itself. Usually people don't bother. Or do so ineloquently. Thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed.

If I get enough positive feedback, I may also up the posting rate to twice a week, once on monday and friday. :3

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I'll just let my Poetry thread from who knows when rot in the corner. I never told you guys I failed that project...
Anyway, I havent written a decent story in Ages!
I'll make a comedy fanfic, maybe even have a few Uboachan references like Pipi!
Dunno when I'll get off my lazy ass and do it, but once I start writting i can write for hours without stopping.

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I started a fic in /seccom/ but lost my edge and never finished it. Wonder if I should try a oneshot.

>> No.3386   [Delete]   [Edit]

Hell, go for it. No reason not to.

DO EEEEET, don't even procrastinate. Just start. Wing it, write something.

As for me, chapter two of Opening the Book is coming along kind of slowly. But then again, I guess that fits into Madotsuki's feel. Slow, unreal, dream-like. If I finish it and proof it before Friday, I may just up it for you guys to enjoy.

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Bumping with an update. I finished this earlier today and decided to proofread it and up it for you guys to read instead of waiting until Monday to post. This chapter is titled "Stepping into the Mist" and I have to admit I really enjoyed writing it.

Let me know what you guys think.

Edit: Next chapter should be up around next Monday, gotta work on one of my other novels for a little while now. :3

Last edited 10/05/24(Mon)12:20.

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quietly bumps and edits the first post

I was planning to post this on Monday, but due to unforeseen bullshit, I will be completely swamped. As such, I'm letting out chapter three a little earlier than I had planned. :P Hope you guys enjoy. Links are updated in the first post.

Last edited 10/05/30(Sun)22:07.

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Argh, if finals wasn't busy molesting my brain I'd be all over this.

Posting here so I'll remember to read!

>> No.3623   [Delete]   [Edit]

Bumpin'. Need to get around to reading.

>> No.3636   [Delete]   [Edit]

I'm already working on getting chapter four up. What's up, no reviews/comments, uboachan? :<

Either way, this upcoming chapter is called Colorless Tears, should be an interesting chapter.

Edit: Also, ffffffffff- I deleted my cache the other day and now my browser doesn't remember the password to edit my old posts. Well, I guess that means I'm going to have to delete this thread and restart it when the new chapter gets up'd, that way people can check the first post for details.

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