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Hello /yn/. I'd like to discuss a subject that I feel isn't brought up enough.

I've seen quite a few people out there who claim to be fans of Yume Nikki, but go on to say they haven't actually played the game and watched an LP of it instead. What are your thoughts on this?

Personally, it makes me pretty sad. It should go without saying that the feeling of playing games is much better than simply watching someone else go through with them, and it's magnified in games like YN, LSD, Clock Tower, etc where the emotions the player feels are a big part of the experience. Sure, there are people who have excuses for not playing, such as having a crappy computer, or being Mac users, but it's still upsetting to me to see people enamored with game who haven't really gotten the full experience.

What do you think? Do you get the same enjoyment out of the game when you either play it yourself or watch someone else play it, or do you agree one needs to actually try it for themselves to fully experience it and call themselves fans?

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I couldn't have become as big a fan of YN if I hadn't played it. Watching LPs is what got me interested, but until I downloaded and played the game for myself I wasn't hooked.

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True, I didnt get hooled until i watched the LP and other videos. Ive been a fan for a while and only recently have I actually played the game. And ut really is alot beter than just watching. I shat moar brix than i expected upon finding uboa!

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I think you had to have experienced it to really be able to call yourself a fan. The dynamic between playing and watching is very different. Add to it the dedication it wakes to actually play through all of YN-- that really qualifies you as a fan-- as opposed to watching it rather lazily.

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I wish I hadn't seen anything of it before I played it.

I watched Uboa and one part from a let's play, and then I downloaded and played it and well, here I am. I think people who are interested in playing this game should not see or hear anything, so that when they go in, they experience everything themselves.

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It depends on what kind of person you are - I'm very easily shit up. Hell, the first time I watched a YN video, I pulled three all-nighters in a row because I was TOO SCARED TO TURN OFF MY FUCKING LIGHT.
I'm not as bad now, but I don't think I'd feel comfortable with playing the game.

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You'll find that people also talk about games more than they play them.

Spend on hour on 4chan and you won't want to play a game again, only to talk about it, even if you know nothing about it. It's just basic human behaviour to be lazy and sit back and watch than to actually pick up a controller and do something. Why do you think some people sleep in whenever they can?

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I think it depends on the person's ability of feeling the game or something... <- confusing as hell
I can't get myself to play Silent Hill decently, for example, because I'm too easily scared, so I just watch my father play it and help him with puzzles and stuff. And I'm pretty sure that, when I'm watching my father play it, I'm more into the game than he'll ever be. But watching videos never gives me the same feeling than staying next to my father and watching him play.

I guess Yume NIkki is like that. If you were sitting next to someone who's playing, I think it works much better than watching a video of it. But there might be someone who 'feels' it with videos, who knows?

Kinda Off-topic: I just finished my second Yume Nikki gameplay yesterday~

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isn't arguing over who is a bigger fan of yume nikki a bit obsessive?
sure thee are lots of animu fangirls that like this whole yume nikki thing because of the kawaii masada desu loves madotsuki but that's what fandoms usually contain
they will all play it in the end, no need to frown over this,you know you're a big enough fan for your own reasons

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We're not arguing over who's a bigger fan, we're discussing what qualifies one as a fan.

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Actually it gaves me rage when I watch a LP of something.
I only played YN, it's more interessing than just watch someone else playing.

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