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I was just wondering what races uboachan is made of up.

I'm caucasian.

pic unrelated

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My grandparents came from Africa.

I'm black.

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whiter than tipex here, but when it comes down to it were all mixed race no matter what. :|

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A mashup of mexian and irish

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I'm probably the future founder of the whitest people in America.
Other than albinos.

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I'm Chinese, glad to see you guys :3

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Hey hey. Mulatto here. Nice to meet ya.

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Mostly German. Then for some reason some French and Italian are thrown in there, and Irish I think?

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Norweigan pride!

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Brazillian here..
My skin is now white, more than you may though, because I only get out of my house for go to school.
Result: I'm not getting a "sun bath" anymore. :>

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I'm handsome
'nuff said

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Black Metal!

Mexican/Spanish here.I say Spanish cause I look pretty white and I blame it on the Spanish.Atleast I`m less likely to be racially profiled! :D

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I'm mostly Scottish even though I have no idea how to say even one word. Err.. I'm white. I come from America, and the only way I can speak Japanese without a translator is Romaji. @_@
Pic unrelated. :3

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