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Anyone know where in the game the tracks from 24EFFECTS are from? I know that track 5 is the Barracks and track 8 is Poniko's house, but I'm too lazy to figure out the rest on my own.

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Well,I don't know all,but I hope I can help

1- the Title Screen music with some kind of Flute Effect remix
2- Neon World
3- This music is from a rare event in Mado's TV of the Dream World http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqBgwP0vrwI
4-This remix is from the Purple Pyramid/Tile World
6-Remix from the FC World
7-Snow World
9-This one is my favorite, "Madotsuki in Wonderland" I can recognize the Title Screen,then is confusing...(I need help here!)
Snow World,Pastel Shoal World,Poniko's house,then the UboaaaAAAAAAAAああああああああああああああああああああああああ,and the Ending Music ;A;
10-Mars Event
11- this one got me,I don't know from where is
12-Another one inspired in the FC World,I think it can be heard in the place you get the Demon Effect
13-Another (awesome!)remix from the Mars Event
14-Witch Event
15-the music you hear while you're saving...

PS: lame english is lame

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Track 9 is a mashup. It's the title theme, the Candle World pyramid, something, Cotton Realm, Uboa, and... there was music unique to the end of the game, right? If not, the saving music.

I assumed Track 11 was the music that played in Bloodbucket-san's and e-guy's rooms, but I can't find it on Youtube to make sure.

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I wondered about track 11 too, but I just assumed it was a (very obscure) remix of the ending theme

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