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Short, dark hair, all white room, behaves strangely in the presence of others.

Progressive Insurance Girl vs Masada.


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I lol'd so hard

This is my new otp, at least

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Might I add that she also does alot of crazy shit with her expressions, namely her eyes?

She never goes 6_9 or anything, but, c'mon, I don't know anyone who can - do you?

Anyway - girl gets some eccentric expressions. Just sayin'...

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Am I the only one who doesn't get reminded of Masada when they see some random fucking person or thing?

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In the entire world, you are the only one. You have discovered the plot.
Now we will pick a different subject, up to you to discover.
Godspeed. Godspeed.

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Kage, you're on /seccom/.

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She's too cute to be compared. :(

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Flo is freakin awsome!
Im sure if she put her somewhat autistic mind to it, she could easily put Masada to shame.

>this is my new otp


Last edited 10/03/29(Mon)20:49.

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1425 here
Pretty sure it's Flo >:C
but yes as ultra-vaguely Masada-like as she is this totally needs to be done just because

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I know someone who constantly goes 6_9 with her eyes.. she has other severe facial deformities however, mind you.

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Jesus fucking christ stop.

Not everything in the universe looks like a YN character.

Please, stop.

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This thread wasn't a parody of that notion in the first place?

... now I feel retarded

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You gave this place way too much credit.

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oh my god



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