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hiya, anybody know where to find the 24 effects cover album? it has great music.

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: <

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/media/ should have it.

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Madotsuki's Closet have it. >:
I think this is link that they have there: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JRH4IKYQ

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(not OP) wow, thanks. just finished listening to "endleSSStation", which was utterly brilliant. the checkerboard world music is one of my favourite tunes in the game, and this arrangement is really incredible. great hearing it fleshed out into a full breakcore assault.

there definitely needs to be more yume nikki arrange albums. lots of potential.

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I'm slowly working on one. Will be 2-disc, one with the actual YN music looped enough to be music but not so much to be annoying, and a second of full tracks based off the base music. First is almost done (am investigating the midi files and placing where each track is used in game right now), second I havn't started yet.

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