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Most drawn interpretations of the game's ending that I have seen are of Madotsuki jumping and landing in somebody's arms (Masada usually). But I've gotta say, this is probably the only picture I've seen where they actually push her off. And it really disturbs me for some reason.

Just thought I'd share. :3

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Wow, that's pretty cruel lol

I think it would have been better if Ghost Mado would be the one pushing her off, though.

I don't really like it how the scan lines are running through the dream characters either, it makes them look more like holograms than anything else.

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If it wasn't for Monoko smiling, this pic would be perfect to me.

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Mado must have been a pretty wide person judging by their positions.

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Or they pushed her very far...

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or a few of them are waving. :3

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Maybe they're all waving goodbye as she throws herself from the balcony.

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Maybe she's using the fat effect.

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