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There have been too many "Technical Problem" threads lately.
Please dont make any new threads about your technical difficulties,
This thread has been made (Sticky) so that you can Simply post them here without cluttering the board too much.

If you have a Technical problem with the game
( Can't save, Weird Glitches, etc;)

Post here and someone who knows how to fix it will reply sooner or later.

Last edited by moderator 10/01/19(Tue)12:18.

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I have this problem. It happens to me when I go up the ladder in the invisible static maze.

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This is what Yume Nisshi is giving me as well as L c d D e m. I am opening it with Japanese locale.

.flow had a similar error with the "vehicle" file, except here, it's not "vehicle", it's something else that I can't read, and it's the second word in the sentence.

EDIT: Prob solved.

Last edited 11/01/27(Thu)09:49.

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ファイル 乗り物 は開けません

is what it says, and now I am finally able to type it and search for the problem. The word in the middle, "乗り物", is Japanese for "vehicle."

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Yume Nisshi's background music won't play, even though the music files are there.

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File: 1296386002231.jpg -(135 KiB, 1280x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Alright guys, i've gone through a lot of errors for .flow

this one has me stumped, and it isn't in the thread as far a i'm aware.


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nevermind, installed the 1.32 rtp and it works fine


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Anyone have any tips?
Other than get a better computer. I'm already on that, I just don't have the means as of yet.

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File: 1297289667643.jpg -(61.8 KiB, 436x374) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

been trying to install yume nikki 0.10 english v3 but i keep getting this error even if i reinstall.

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Yume Nisshi doesn't play music, even though the music files are there,

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Yume Nisshi doesn't play music, even though the music files are there.

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Mac user here. I was able to play yn on Crossover version 8.0 with only the Eyeball World glitch that was mentioned before.
I was wondering if there is any way to play 2kki or .flow on a mac. I've tried downloading .exe, .rar, and .zip files of the games, but I've yet to play. I can unzip some of them and get the audio and such, but I can't play the game, and with the .exes that work, I can get it all to run in crossover, and I can get to the installation screen, but every character is a question mark.

Just asking because I want to play more of these games, and I am failing to understand why I'm able to run an .exe of Yume Nikki, but not of anything else.

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File: 1299820130329.gif -(7528 B, 430x350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I don't know a damned thing about Mac. Can't help you there. :I

Anyway, I posted here because I didn't know if this had been brought to anyone's attention:

It's an RPG Maker 2003 Engine for modern day electronics. Have fun you guys.

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when i download yume nikki, it asks me what program i would like to run it on... all of the programs i've chosen dont work, what program do i use?

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What is the extension of the file you want to run? You should run RPG_RT.exe

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Iiiii'm going to assume that you're talking about that thar .rar file you downloaded. You'll need to download "WinRAR" to open it. Then just drag-and-drop it to your desktop.

"Where can I find this 'Winner?'" you ask?
Hmmm, let me google that for you...

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It's an mp3 issue. Basically you have to go into Yume Nikki's music folder and convert anything that's .mp3 to .wav, then remove the original mp3's.

Some of the music is in mp3 but most of it is in wav, that's why these errors only happen in a few places (and always the same few places).

You can perform the fix yourself easily enough, or you can download this pack made by me, it's the new .wav music, just replace Yume Nikki mp3's with it.


Also, maybe someone should email Kikiyama and tell him future versions of Yume Nikki shouldn't use mp3's?

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meeee encanto

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File: 1303031387662.png -(46.4 KiB, 661x521) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hey guys, I can't get into the bed, the television doesn't react and nothing else does anything. My operating system is Windows 7. I can move around fine, the menus work and everything, and all the sounds are okay. I just can't approach the bed or get onto it to get into the dream world.

Pic related, its the closest I can get.

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Have you tried pressing Z or Enter?

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Okay, I am able to successfully play .flow on my Mac, and I am successfully able to view the title screen of Yume 2kki.
Problem is, I can't select anything, or get it out of full screen mode. I'd had to turn my computer off about 4 times this morning because of this. F4 doesn't work, F5 doesn't work, F-anything doesn't work, alt enter or whatever doesn't work. I can do some key smashing of command alt esc to get back to normal, but 2kki and Crossover aren't open afterwards.
Is there some magic formula to fix this? I realize most of you have no experience with this stuff on macs and that it might be different, but how do I even toggle windowed mode for 2kki? I'll start from there.

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So I download this Yume Nikki game from the link on the main page of this site and I tried unzipping it with winrar and also 7zip. Both said that there was something wrong with the shit inside and left an installer in the folder I directed them to put the file. The installer doesn't work either. What is wrong here? They say things like, "Oh, dis shiyt right here has an unexpected end of archive," and, "dis here file is kurrupt."

EDIT: Hey, downloaded it from a different source and it works fine. Love the game.

Last edited 11/04/27(Wed)19:15.

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That either means the hosted file is broken (unlikely), or when you were downloading it, the file was corrupted. Just try it again.

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the chances of anyone ever seeing this are slim, but...

how do you install and run Yume Nikki on Windows 7? like, the step-by-step process?

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same as on other OSes, except you'd have to run everything as admin. and also the applocale installer has to be run in "older version of windows" compatibility mode.

BTW: There was an update that made applocale stop working, so I had to reinstall it. I don't remember exactly when this happened, though.

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Hey guys, wonder if anyone will see this but I'll give it a try. I have a very unique problem with this game, that nobody seems to have besides me. Whenever I start it up (tried both the english versions from the fansite, they do the same thing), I get a message and it won't even start up the window. The problematic thing is the message itself.

It says in hungarian this: "Az osztály nincs regisztrálva"
I'm typing it as it is here because I simply can't find its english counterpart, since this is one of the worst translation in an operating system to stumble upon, but I'll try to explain what it seems to be saying. It means something like "the class is not registered" in direct translation, my best guess is it has something to do with classes(?) and registry (derp). Like I mentioned, I tried both english versions, even tried the french one, all with the same error message. The japanese version and the ones posted on this site don't work either, because running the RPG maker installer through applocale gives me first an error message without any text and an OK button to press, followed by another with some japanese writing, and it closes.

If anyone has some solutions, I'd be glad. I'm aching to play this game but my PC has gone all troll on me.

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File: 1305333406228.png -(17.1 KiB, 640x478) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

For some reason, in 2kki, whenever I open up the menu, it looks like this. I tried running the game in applocale, but it doesn't change anything. Because of this problem, I can't use any of my effects. I only have the option to quit the game.

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If I remember correctly, this usually happens if the Runtime Packages (RTP) aren't installed correctly or if you have changed it from a RPG 2000 game to a 2003 game [or vice versa].

Last edited 11/05/14(Sat)22:41.

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File: 1305439470085.png -(23 KiB, 640x481) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Well, I tried switching the RTPS. I happen to have 2 versions of 2kki on my computer, so it's fixed the problem on version 0.092i, but on the latest version (0.094b), I am now getting this error at the start up. Is there a way to fix this, or am I just going to have to play the older version?

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Me again, problem fixed. If anyone encounters this error, it's a driver/directx problem, and I could fix it with reinstalling Windows (choosing the fix option in the beginning, instead of formatting and shit). Hope it helps someone.

>> No.6388   [Delete]   [Edit]
> This error in .flow?

Hey people, yes, I know, this one has been said at least 2 times already but none of you guys answered, except one with a link to a malfunctional rtp package. The thing is that I can start Yume 2kki with the english rtp that I downloaded, but in some maps, the game just collapses, but I can't get .flow to work. So can anyone help me out? I really want to play .flow

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When I start playing, my character just starts walking right, as if the right keyboard key is jammed down. I managed, through years of gaming skill, to get through the door, but then I have little control to play (Moving really fast, I can sometimes step maybe one space left, I can also go up and down, but generally pressing left results in me staying still and pressing nothing results in infinitely running right) Any help much appreciated.

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File: 1308460472933.png -(55.6 KiB, 685x544) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I get this error every time I try to run Yume Nikki.
Need help.

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hey guys. remember how I was the only one that could get YN to run fullscreen on windows 7 with no flickering or any other bugs? Well. NOW I am getting the flickering too! o_O

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File: 1309025927804.png -(22.3 KiB, 651x520) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I've downloaded the updates, and things suggested on here to others, I've also downloaded the fonts on there. Even after all of that, I still get this coming up when I try to play the game. Any suggestions?

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File: 1309642313657.png -(256.6 KiB, 1366x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hey guys, sorry to bug you about this, but I'm honestly at a lost. I got the RPG whatever to install just fine, but when I try to install the AppLocale, I get the picture to the left. :I Help please?

>> No.6579   [Delete]   [Edit]

I'm trying to get the music in .flow to play but some of the areas won't play it. What should i do? :/

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File: 1309809530216.jpg -(16 KiB, 405x289) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Same person, I just figured out that you can play it without AppLocale, and the game works fine for me. Sorry for derping. >w>;;

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File: 1310564307299.jpg -(14 KiB, 240x320) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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File: 1310576412627.png -(18.4 KiB, 645x511) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Yume Nikki seems wont work for me.When I open the RPG_RT.exe file,it shows me a black screen and afterwards window with Yume Nikki and error.It says ''The file C:\Users\User\Desktop\My Games\Yume Nikki\RPG_RT.lmt cannot be opened''
My OS is Windows 7.I have intsalled Runtime Package 2003,of course.

Please,please help. ;^;

EDIT: Nevermind,I have reinstalled the game,and it works fine.Just gotta convert .mp3 files to .WAV

Last edited 11/07/14(Thu)00:03.

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File: 1311180666514.png -(35.8 KiB, 607x454) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Im running Yume Nikki on Crossover on my Mac and it works fine, until i go to Candle World. I walk for around 10 seconds and the game stops and gives me an error message saying "OLE error 80004001". I haven't found anyone else with the same problem, what could be wrong?

>> No.6677   [Delete]   [Edit]

Im playing .flow and some of the music works, but then in places there is no music...i know there should be music because i watched a video on youtube and there is music there where there is no music on my game...

>> No.6678   [Delete]   [Edit]

Funny, I've gotten that error in .flow, only 80004002.
I'm really not sure what it is. Maybe a BGM or a map loading error? If anyone knows, it'd help.

>> No.6719   [Delete]   [Edit]

Hey, i'm using Windows 7, and every time i try to install yume nikki, it freezes up in 20%, with the ç003.xyz file or something like that...

>> No.6766   [Delete]   [Edit]

The game downloaded perfectly but my only problem is that my arrow keys won't work! I'm very frustrated! Can someone help me?

>> No.6808   [Delete]   [Edit]

My controls don't work either. The only button that seems to be working is Alt, which acts as '9' causing her to blow the whistle and wake up.

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File: 1313370308748.png -(56.1 KiB, 666x519) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

To all bros who are getting the Direct Draw error DirectDraw Error (DDERR_EXCEPTION)

The easy way to fix this is to download these two files:


Extract everything from the rar except the readme into your Yume Nikki folder and put afm_game_starter.exe in there as well. Then start afm_game_starter.exe and you should be good.

It should also be noted that you can't escape out of the NASU game while running this, so save before you play it (or is it this way no matter what computer your on?)

Thanks Cherry for making this!

Last edited 11/08/14(Sun)18:14.

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File: 1313693288411.jpg -(134.3 KiB, 425x282) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

it works... for 1 second, then goes away. and if you try it again it says the other instance of it is running and to shut it down 1st. the only place to find it is in the task manager to shut it down.

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I need help guys. I can run Lcddem normally, but when I bring up the menu to wake myself up or use effects, there is only one option to quit the game. What gives? Is it the way I started the game, or is there something wrong with the version I downloaded?

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Try reinstalling it, worked fine for me.
I'm beginning to think you can't have more than one YN game to work properly.

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File: 1320358494883.jpg -(98.5 KiB, 424x438) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hey guys!
I'm kinda new here but I'm having a major issue with running YN.
Basically whenever I run it, the entire screen goes black. While my the laptop responds to hotkeys that increase and decrease brightness, it won't respond to trying to alt f4 or attempts to run task manager. It just stays black. Because of that I have to turn my computer off in order to get the black screen to stop.

When I first ran the program I got it to work, but not it doesn't at all. Maybe it's the incompatibility with windows 7? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated ;n;

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