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Dammit, this website is making me want to play Yume Nikki again. Downloadan now.

Have you guys ever replayed Yume Nikki? Did you discover or experience anything new the second time around?

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I have replayed it (in fact, I haven't gotten all the effects yet) because my hard drive died and had to be replaced. I saw takofuusen for the first time during the replay.

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The second time I played it I was more interested in discovering different areas and experiencing new events rather than getting the 25 effects. It definitely made it more fun to play.

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this this this this this

then again, I was also wandering around aimlessly when I got to the cliff park area and got the idea for the comics.

playing without caring about the effects makes it a lot funner.

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Yeah, the second time around I focused more on exploring the surroundings, rather than trying to find the effects. I found several doors and triggers I had no idea about.

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I experience a floating head somewhere near or in monochrome world my second time around.

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first time i played it i used a guide to find most of the the effects, played again recently just explored till i found them all :3

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Wow, am I the only one who jumped into the game completely blind and tried to find/explore as much as possible before consulting a guide? I didn't even know what Uboa looked like when I first played.

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aside from the bike, same.

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I played my first time through with a walkthrough, primarily just to see what deal was with Uboa and to get all the effects to see the ending.

The second time I played it was just for fun and to see stuff I missed the first time around, like Takofuusen.

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I look at op pic and i made the wrong choice to close my eyes. I saw the pic and it was black and white and she was frowning. I shat bricks man.

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