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Alright people, some majuh shiz is about to go down... Pronounciations. That's right, the crap that leads to arguments, research, and even trolling. But it needs to be done.

This is how I pronounce the name of all the characters.

Monoko - Moe-No-Ko
Madostuki - Ma-Dough-Sue-Key
Poniko** - Poe-Niko (BELLIC FTW)
Monoe - Moe-no
Sentimental Komuro Michael Sakamoto Dada-sensei** - Sen-tih-mental-Koe-mew-oh-My-kal-sah-kah-moe-tow-da-da-sen-say
KyuKyu-kun - Ky-ew-Ky-ew-kun
Uboa**** - You-BOa (Or "Ew-bow-a")
Shitai - Shee-t(eye
Yuki-onna - You-kee-owe-nah
Medamaude**** - Meta-Maw-Day
Kikiyama - Key-Key-Yama

**Not sure about the pronounciation.

****No freakin idea about the name, just a guess.

Credit for picture goes to Meri and Cryssie

This is for you, MikeNnemonic

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There's nothing really to "argue" about pronounciations, seeing as the words in the Japanese syllabary can only be pronounced one way..

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OP is a fag :(

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>some majuh shiz
>arguments, research, and even trolling

lol sure

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Doesn't matter how often I read pronunciation guides like this because I'm still going to fuck the words up when I go to say them.

I don't think my tongue was ever meant to utter the word "oekaki".

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>>Monoe - Moe-no

...I always thought that it was 'Moh-noh-eh' since there's an 'e' in the back. e_e

Dawww, Mike, don't feel bad. I also suck at pronouncing things right IRL. :C

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File: 1251301054653.jpg -(90.5 KiB, 520x520) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I post stuff like this because I try to better myself when I pronounce stuff from random stories and games that I know about.

I don't know a thing about Japanese pronunciation, I just know stuff because im a wapanese retard.

picture related

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Allow me to help.
Madotsuki - Mad-oh-tsue-ki look up a pronunciation for tsuki
Poniko - Poe-nee-koh
Monoe - Mon-oh-ay Although Mon-oh sounds right for english, it's pronounced this way in that one place you guys love so much.
Seccom Masada - Seck-com Ma-sa-da You guys change his name to much keep it as this.
KyuKyuKun- Kyu-Kyu-Kun Kyu is one syllable. Say it like the letter Q.
Uboa - Ugh-boa Uwh-boa AGH-boa It's the sound of a scream.
Shitai- SHIT-eye Really, it's pronounced that way.
Medamaude - Me-da-maud-u-may
KIKIYAMA - Kick-E-yama

At least you got Monoko right.

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Thanks, Pokebis. Your my fellow Uboatard, and that's why you know best.

The thing is though, I actually did pronounce the names like that, at least most of them, just I'm really bad at translating syllables into sounds and words in text.

I got Madostuki, Masada, Poniko, Kikiyama, and maybe Uboa right, you weren't clear on his/her/it's name either.

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>you weren't clear on his/her/it's name either.

Uboa can really be any of those, it's just that scream noise, and those are ways I often hear the sound.

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all you really need to know is that vowels in japanese are always pronounced the same way

a - ah
i - ee
u - ooh
e- eh
o - oh

then just slap a consonant on that mother. kah kee kooh keh koh. mah mee mooh meh moh. etc.

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faggots there's only one way to properly pronounce it

go listen to some jap

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What about the double-vowels, nignog?

>> No.1953   [Delete]   [Edit]


>vowels in japanese are always pronounced the same way


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I am already sorry for my poor English.

Double vowels are often due to a mistranslation. It's just for the "ou" and "ei", because other long vowels are in a set of two (aa, ii, uu). When you see one, you have to pronounce the first vowel longer. For example, the word "sensei" is pronounced "sen-seh-eh" and "zetsubou" is "ze-tsu-bo-o". I said mistranslation because it should be wrote "Zetsubō", with the little bar on the "o".

For double consonants, you have to make a little pause before these. For example, "Seccom" will be read "Se...ccom", with a slight accentuation on the consonant.

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I always did double consonants by ending the first syllable with the sound of the repeated consonant. like sec-com instead of se-com

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Actually, you can do that. The double consonant is especially used to mark a pose and differentiate similar words, so you can pronounce it as you want as long as you respect this rule.

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