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Hello all.

Not sure where else to post this, so... I have a bit of a technical problem with Yume Nikki. It seems whenever I go to a world with Earthbound-style graphics, this error message appears. It was working fine when I first got it, and other than saving every now and then I haven't even gotten close to any of the game's source files. Help, please?

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Yeah dude, I have the same freakin' problem.

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if you've collected all the effects, drop one in the nexus and try it again. there's a bug in the game where if you have all the effects, the earthbound world crashes.

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he cant get all the effects if he cant get to earthbound world.

Try a different enterance? there's more than one way in there i think, or is it the pixel worlds in general?

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people can get all the effects and then go back derp derp
plus he said it was working fine when he first got it, so that's just what i assumed :I

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Yep, dropping an effect worked. Thanks! :D

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