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I KNOW I AM THE 20TH PERSON TO SAY THIS!, BUT the Yume Nikki wiki needs help. It has 23 articles! (24 ever since I came along)

I made an article on Big Red, and as it turns out, making wiki pages AREN'T that difficult.

C'mon guys, it's fun, prideful, and easy. Plus, we (and others) can learn about Yume Nikki without brix'ing or going through Uboachan archives.


My first article ever, did it in four minutes, not even.


Get yours today!

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Personally, I think the whole wiki idea is kinda lame, & Why do we need it when we have UboaChan?

We have maps here, pictures, locations, theories, descriptions of every single character, the only thing we are really missing is a worlds thread/board or something.

& It seems really kinda lame, and almost nerdy to construct a whole fucking Wikipedia devoted to one obscure game like this to tell the truth.

Now If it where a Wikipedia devoted to telling everyone about the most fucking creepy shit Bri/x/ games out there, that would be another thing entirely.

But we still wouldn't need it because we have this place.

I'm probably missing the point entirely, but Instead of writing an article for the wiki about big red, write a thread about him here instead. 8\

>> No.1797   [Delete]   [Edit]

Because an IMAGEBOARD isn't really suited to being a central place where you can search and find imformation. Eventually all of this will be gone, other than the stickies. A wiki would be a permanent place where you could find all the information in an organized manner.

>> No.1798   [Delete]   [Edit]

Well I don't think it was intended to be a huge wiki like WoWWiki, but just a place where fans could get obscure information FOR the obscure game.

I can see where your coming from, but I just think it'd be a tidbit easier than Uboachan, don't you?

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Hey, sorry.
I made that Wiki, but since then I haven't contributed to it... I don't know why. But I will. I'll go make some articles.

>> No.1804   [Delete]   [Edit]

I say it should renamed Yume Wikki


>> No.1807   [Delete]   [Edit]

Cool, thank you. I'll try to make more articles, and maybe you can look them over.

>> No.1810   [Delete]   [Edit]
>Personally, I think the whole wiki idea is kinda lame

hurg yes
a lot of it is theories and shit and theres so little known about the characters that it cant really make a good wiki

>I say it should renamed Yume Wikki

fffffffff someone go hack it right now and name it that
because that idea is so fucking stupid that its funny

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a wiki is such a cumbersome method of writing a guide. there are .txt guides that are more than enough.

>> No.1833   [Delete]   [Edit]

Haha, I guess you guys are too new to have been there when AquaTaco made the wiki. In their first post about it they mentioned the name "Yume Wikki" and later explained that it can't be used due to the restrictions of Wikia.

By the way, I support the wiki. There are plenty of walkthroughs and plenty of places to put your theories but it might be nice to have an official place to put them.

>> No.1835   [Delete]   [Edit]

I think someone should make a category for theories, so that all of them don't have to be on one page and it'll be more organized.

>> No.1836   [Delete]   [Edit]

Well, actually, I did it mostly because I hate when articles link to other articles that DON'T EXIST.

I agree with this.
I'm awful at making pretty wiki pages, though~

>> No.1837   [Delete]   [Edit]

Also, the two different Kyukyu-kun articles should be merged into one.

>> No.1847   [Delete]   [Edit]


Get started, guyz.

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