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or any of the similar games? It seems like one of the trademarks of the 'genre' is that all games are always v0.0n. Do you think this is just from sloth or because we might see Madotsuki's dream world extended greatly over the next few years?

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Kikiyama already said he has no plans to make more.

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Someone here recently emailed him, he said that he would update very VERY slowly.

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Can either of you back up your statement with evidence?

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proof = >>1420

Last edited 09/08/08(Sat)20:04.

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I e-mailed him, and he said "currently there are no plans for continuation". Proof? Ask #uboachan, I used Monoko to translate it.

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Post proof here.
Not everyone goes in that place. :\

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Say it in red or it can't be trusted.

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