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I'm sure some of you must have done something like this, too. I was thinking of editing a few things in Yume Nikki to improve my personal enjoyment. Mainly, rearranging the controls (if possible) and increasing event probability. Sometimes, trying dozens of times to see Uboa and friends gets annoying. So I downloaded RPG Maker 2003 and...what now? Can someone give me a few pointers? Is this even possible?

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Changing Event Probability:
1) Open up RPGMaker, open up YN, etc.
2) Hit F7, this puts you in the event-editing layer
3) Find the event you want (i.e. triggering Uboa)
4) Right click on the event , find the tab that has the coding for what to do if the event is triggered (With Uboa, rightclick on the event right below the lightswitch. There's only one tab so it's easy)
5) Find the line with 'Variable Oper : [-variable number here-] Set, Rnd 0-###' (In Uboa's case, it'd be Variable Oper: [0012,SADkslajflksa other stuff if it's not in japanese] Set, Rnd [0-63] )
6) Right click on the line, go to 'Edit'
7) Go down to 'Random Number between "# and #" and change the numbers to whatever you like
8) Test the game out. :D

As for changing controls, I have no clue what to do there. I think you should just leave it be, since in a lot of games they use 'Z', 'X', etc.

If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask.
We're glad to help.

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making teleport events to different places might be useful. this is the only way to access the seekrit debug room and can make getting to uboa, mars or other not easily accessed places a lot easier.

  1. go into the event-editing layer
  2. select a place where you want to put the event and right-click on it
  3. select "place teleport event" in the menu that comes up
  4. go through the maps in the teleport event window and find a place you want to go
  5. select the position on the map you want to be teleported to and hit "ok"
  6. the event will be invisible though, so if you want to make it visible you need to edit the event after you create it and set an event graphic, which can be any of the npcs from the game (basically any graphic that is in the game's "charsets")
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Awesome! Thanks!

I'm having trouble finding the variable for certain things, namely the ones that determine whether a bed in the dream sends you to the route to the spaceship, whether the wall that leads to Kyukyu-kun can be stabbed and whether Kareha appears in the numbers world.

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Kareha's just a slow-moving character, not really an event; just spam the cat effect until he gets there. Also, in the small time space between meowing he'll start moving back where he started, so you need to be quick.

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