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I'm making them. The first three will be fairly simple- Madotsuki's shirt's window on one side, with Mado's head (in a cute, simplistic style. almost Apple, if you will) and Yume Nikki in hiragana on the other. Bags will be handpainted on canvas with love. <3

After I finish the first three- I'll post them here, of course- I'll make custom ones. If you've got an idea for one, post it. Chances are I'll make it for you.

I was actually thinking about doing a Poniko/Uboa one next.

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Sounds cute.

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Very adorable idea. What kind of bags are they? Tote bags?

How about a Masada one? All-white, with 6 9 googly eyes on one side, and his original sprite with Yume Nikki in hiragana on the other?

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Just ordinary tote bags, yup.
And I really, really like that idea of Masada more than the Uboa/Poniko one. The sprite might be a little hard to paint- in terms of the pixels and all that jazz- but it would be way fun to try anyways.

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tee hee thx
Also, you're painting them? Wow, I thought you were maybe screenprinting or something. Good luck c:

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Fabric paint is the funnest stuff evar. <3

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I'd do this kind of thing, but I'm too lazy to fabric paint anything.

Then again, I do have a twillcutter and heatpress...

but mailing these things is such a chore

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Yeah, I haven't quite figured out what I'm gonna do about mailing.

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