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i tried downloading the game from the website, and got it downloaded and everything. but when i try to play the game, i am unable to move the character. the only thing i can do is access the inventory screen by pressing alt. i have tried this multiple times before, but can never seem to get it to work. help!

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Shoot your PC and buy another. Or, see if something is wrong with the arrow keys. You probably need to do the first.

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my arrow keys work fine in every other game. i get really frustrated that this game doesnt work.

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See, there's bound to be something screwy with your PC. I'm definitely no expert but that sounds like an OS or drive related issue. Something that handles the arrow keys for this game isn't working, no matter what version, it seems.

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Two other people have had this problem before. The only way I can help is if I have more information on your specs. It seems the last two people were running Windows XP and this was not a problem with Yume Nikki, but RPG Maker files in general. Apparently restarting the computer makes it work for a while, but then stops after a while. Either a process starts up while they're playing to prevent them from doing this, or the program eventually does this on it's own somehow. But apparently restarting flushes out the problem, but again I need more info to identify it.
Also you don't need a new PC to play a game like YN, seriously, don't listen to Amy S, she is an asshat.

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as >>1539 says, it sounds like a running process is interfering with yume nikki. technically, you could run it in safe mode, or if you printed out a list of what processes were running in task manager we might be able to help.

reformatting should be a last option, and YN isn't exactly process-intensive. I could run this sucker back on my pentium 2.

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Try checking if you have enabled and/or connected joysticks/gamepads. If so, disconnect them/disable them.

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good news! im an idiot for not thinking of this before, but i restarted my computer and now it works. im so pumped to finally be able to play the game, you cannot believe it. this board has just gained a new member :)

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Only you would know, asshat.

Awesome! And, shut your PC down more often. It increases the physical life of the machine by reducing dust blown in via the cooling fan. It was on the entire problem? Also, deleting everything in Temp helps keep programs running correctly. Most files shouldn't remain in Temp. In fact, the worst error you can generally get would require a restart, which I doubt happening.

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>>1558 shut your PC down more often. It increases the physical life of the machine by reducing dust blown in via the cooling fan
Man, I never even thought of that. Good advice.

One of these days I need to canned-air the inside of my computer.

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facepalming so hard right now at this entire thread.

seriously, you guys.

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