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this may be even stranger than the original


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Streaming Yume Nikki soon. Come watch and chat if you want. http://www.livestream.com/crazyhatforever
inb4 it's been done before, Don't really care.

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Old Thread: >>3326 About a week or so ago after completing Yume Nikki, I had the idea to write a tale based on my interpretations of what the game meant. After getting a handful of positive responses once I pitched the idea, I began writing and outlining the beginning of my fiction called Opening the Book.

Now that it is finished, I hope you all enjoy/enjoyed. :D It was my sincerest pleasure to write this tale for all of you who had a good time reading.

Here's the home page on my website for my Yume Nikki fiction (13 Chapters in total):

Here's the newest chapter(s):
BAD END: http://w.pensivenonsense.net/yumenikki/badend
GOOD END: http://w.pensivenonsense.net/yumenikki/goodend

Here are past chapters:
Chapter One; The First Page

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I was supposed to have updated by now but FUCK

I've been moving all over the place and am about to get my own swanky apartment near where I'm currently working. Once I get settled in, I'll get some delicious writing to you folks. Until then, I'll be somewhat MIA. I'll keep you updated here.

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How to read this fic LIKE A BOSS... if by A BOSS you mean me:

  1. Skip to penultimate chapter, dismiss as [nospoiler]-as-drama darkfic
  2. Rediscover fic months later, read from beginning this time, grudgingly push through overly wordy early chapters
  3. Notice clever use of Ghost Forest's BGM, continue noting nifty explanations/rationalizations of other game elements/settings/characters, begin to connect with fic's visual descriptions, forgive overly wordy early chapters
  4. Scoff/sigh at main character's helplessness and escapism, uncomfortably admit certain personal similarities with said character, gradually succumb to mild recurrence of depression, stay up all damn night reading
  5. Read GOOD END, reflect on weakness and personally undervalued endurance, cry even if it's a bit saccharine, finish GOOD END, don't even bother with BAD END

Last edited 11/06/02(Thu)02:15.

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I should probably go proofread the early chapters then, huh? I didn't get into the flow of this story until like four chapters in, irritatingly enough.

I'll do that sometime soon so that it's easier to enjoy, lol.

Glad you liked it and liked it enough to post, heh.

Last edited 11/06/02(Thu)11:29.

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Русский тред начало здесь.

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I'm getting a tattoo in a few weeks and I think I might get a YN one. Maybe not like madotsuki, but something related to the game.

Does anyone else have any YN tattoos?

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I would totally get a Monoko one on my back or arm, were it socially acceptable.
"HA HA! I can make five-arms here dance! Wanna see?"

Perhaps you should try getting the title screen (minus the save/load/quit box the kikiyama credit, and version number) as a tattoo? It always kind of looked like one to me, I dunno.

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ah i didnt even think of that! i put this picture together a few days again of something i might wanna get (paint slaughtered the quality as always) but getting the title screen sounds kinda cooler

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>My face when I realized the reason the screen irises into Mado's desk when you save is because the desk lamp is the ONLY actual light source in her entire room.
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the patio to her balcony would let light in too~

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File: 1306527146839.jpg -(13.8 KiB, 300x226) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I thought that too, but what about the blackness on the patio door? You can see even the inside of her room is shadowy when you get to the balcony, which probably means light's not getting in somehow. Maybe she deliberately covered the screen doors with something to block out sunlight? Hikikomori are known to do that. Or maybe it's just cloudy when it's dayti

You know what? No.


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oops lol wrong name entry lolzzzz~

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i reckon it's just because kikiyama couldn't be bothered to put that much detail onto the patio window, or it's because it's easier to see outside of a house rather than inside (have you ever tried to look out of your house window to somewhere down the road a bit, then stood where you were looking and then tried to look back in your window? it's more difficult to look into your house)
excuse the blabber, i'm tired.

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Was this posted on here already (I'm fairly sure it was)? I just saw it on /v/... and well, it could possibly be fake, but who cares. It's an interesting read.

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Abandon all hope?

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Yeah no.

I realized it was bullshit when it got to the part about Madotsuki being based on an ex-girlfriend.

The whole point of the game is to be vague and mysterious, he isn't gonna go explaining what his inspirations (if any) were for the characters.

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>> The whole point of the game is to be vague and mysterious

says who?

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the content of this post seem to be real. but understanding the game with all my research has come down to the same conclusion to this bost. as for the suicide of the girl. well, it seem to be something out of the ordenry. wouldnt the family be angry with this? anyways it all seem real. but i would beleave it more if it was a recorded interview. in the end. its a great game and i hope a new vertion or secound makeing of the game would come sooner the later. much luck to Kikiyama and hope for seccessful game. as for me i will continue my reseach to find anymore secrets of this game

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Is there an Uboa kaomoji?
If not, here's a good start: ((‾,◝))

needs a better mouth, though.

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     /´ ̄`ヽ
    |  ノリリヽl  
    §| l田|§ 
     <∪  ゝ

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Hi Uboachan , i have a theory of theories. All worlds resemble to somekind of personality levels. Just think - neat worlds are on top - that could mean that Madoshowed up in reality. But there are Numbers and Candle world that look like a fear's place and somekind of mental shelter. And all scary or strange worlds are hard-reach, Monochrome and Sewers for example. So what worlds could represent Mado's personality?
repost from /t/

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And Monocrome desert could represent Madotsuki's memories of past, and sadness of present. Maybe all friend and family of her is dead?

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Ok. So this scared me but it was pretty funny.
I went to snow world for the purpose of getting to the world where Uboa is. In Snow World, there is a toriningen, so I stabbed it and let it chase me for the heck of it. After I triggered Uboa, stabbed him, went to the Monochrome hall and used Medamaude ability to get back to the main door place. Then I went to candle world and went left, and a toriningen literally FLOCKED to me. I didn't have time to even see it.
Scared me sensless.
It was hilarious.

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File: 1306064292853.gif -(189.9 KiB, 100x100) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


  • don't accidentally bump into them, they'll still send you away.

i figured as much, but i'm still curious how they actually know about other toriningen.

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Through a boolean switch in the game's code? Through Madotsuki's neurons?

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Maybe it's a boolean switch in Madotsuki's neurons.

Seriously though, it makes perfect sense that they would all give chase if one did, it all takes place inside Madotsuki's mind after all, Mado attacks a calm toriningen and it starts freaking out and chasing her, as a result, Mado's perception of all of the Toriningen changes, as a result, they all chase her.

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Or maybe there's a Toriningen News Network.

"Stabber Girl on the Loose! Short with braids and brown hair. According to reports, her appearance may vary, but her weapon of choice is a knife, and she always strikes when she looks like this. Hang on, we're receiving an additional report: Once she suddenly disappeared. Before she did that, she had some sort of triangle kerchief on. Anyway, pursue her at full speed if you spot her!"

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