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wow, Madotsuki has big thighs.

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she also either has nonexistent hips or really bad love handles

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I've been trying to find the Yume Nikki download with the missing sound effects, but I can't seem to find one that isn't a torrent.

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You can get it here, at Uboachan.

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Where though? The one on the homepage is missing some sound effects and it won't let me go to the "Mother" world.

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Try Madotsuki's Closet: http://www.theneitherworld.com/yumenikki/links.htm

The smaller download works for me- I haven't encountered a single bug and it's not missing anything. :3

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Rozencrab's "unbloated" version cuts out unneeded content and inadvertently removes the sounds at the TV KALIMBA event and the Mr. Mars area. It may be missing some other stuff. You also can't access the Mother world if you have every effect in your inventory period. It always crashes. Drop an effect in the nexus and try again if you have all the effects.

Also, here's the full english version:

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Why hasn't everyone been raving about this album? Unless it's really old? Is it?

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I am enjoying this thoroughly. I thank you.

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File: 1252850893879.jpg -(1.2 MiB, 5645x2781) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I actually just found out about it today, I recommend it to everyone here because it's pretty fucking awesome.

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Pokebis posted about it before and kindly converted them to mp3's for us. :> Check /media/, it's uploaded there.

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Someone else pointed it out, but I did rip them off of NND. I think somebody found them later in their original form so that's probably better. Also the song I titled "No, MURI" should be "DAMI, MURI" I made an oopsie.

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Alright people, some majuh shiz is about to go down... Pronounciations. That's right, the crap that leads to arguments, research, and even trolling. But it needs to be done.

This is how I pronounce the name of all the characters.

Monoko - Moe-No-Ko
Madostuki - Ma-Dough-Sue-Key
Poniko** - Poe-Niko (BELLIC FTW)
Monoe - Moe-no
Sentimental Komuro Michael Sakamoto Dada-sensei** - Sen-tih-mental-Koe-mew-oh-My-kal-sah-kah-moe-tow-da-da-sen-say
KyuKyu-kun - Ky-ew-Ky-ew-kun
Uboa**** - You-BOa (Or "Ew-bow-a")
Shitai - Shee-t(eye
Yuki-onna - You-kee-owe-nah
Medamaude**** - Meta-Maw-Day

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Last edited 09/08/25(Tue)22:25.

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>vowels in japanese are always pronounced the same way


>> No.1954   [Delete]   [Edit]

I am already sorry for my poor English.

Double vowels are often due to a mistranslation. It's just for the "ou" and "ei", because other long vowels are in a set of two (aa, ii, uu). When you see one, you have to pronounce the first vowel longer. For example, the word "sensei" is pronounced "sen-seh-eh" and "zetsubou" is "ze-tsu-bo-o". I said mistranslation because it should be wrote "Zetsubō", with the little bar on the "o".

For double consonants, you have to make a little pause before these. For example, "Seccom" will be read "Se...ccom", with a slight accentuation on the consonant.

>> No.1962   [Delete]   [Edit]

I always did double consonants by ending the first syllable with the sound of the repeated consonant. like sec-com instead of se-com

>> No.1963   [Delete]   [Edit]

Actually, you can do that. The double consonant is especially used to mark a pose and differentiate similar words, so you can pronounce it as you want as long as you respect this rule.

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Tori Amos!

See what I did there?

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Dear /yn/,

I need a kick ass yume nikki wallpaper, and something tells me you guys might have what im looking for.

help a brother out ):

pic related it's the one im considering, but eh

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File: 1251112700008.png -(112.7 KiB, 5000x5000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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File: 1251112876462.jpg -(111.1 KiB, 850x854) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

If you want more, look at the further back pages of all the boards on here... that's where I got all these

I'll dump all my wallpapers (all of them, not just Yarmey Nickey) if you can tell me how

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File: 1251122067819.jpg -(57.9 KiB, 1000x667) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I've been considering this one for mine

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File: 1251170474671.jpg -(105.5 KiB, 900x675) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

That's as big as I have ): Sorry baby

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Any chance YN will ever work for Macintosh computers? My PC just got a worm and bit the dust. :(

>> No.1728   [Delete]   [Edit]

You could try a program like Wine. I don't know if it would work, though. I'd just say install windows on your Mac. ;-)

>> No.1750   [Delete]   [Edit]

some1 should make a port so every1 can play

>> No.1910   [Delete]   [Edit]

Have you tried using Boot Camp Assistant? It's an application that comes free with the OS X operating system, look for it in your finder. It allows you to allocate space on your computer for a windows operating system. All you need is the disk to install it (which I assume you have, since you did have a working PC at one time).

This guy explains it pretty well in the second half of the video. He also goes over an emulator program, but that will cost you money.

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Hello all.

Not sure where else to post this, so... I have a bit of a technical problem with Yume Nikki. It seems whenever I go to a world with Earthbound-style graphics, this error message appears. It was working fine when I first got it, and other than saving every now and then I haven't even gotten close to any of the game's source files. Help, please?

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if you've collected all the effects, drop one in the nexus and try it again. there's a bug in the game where if you have all the effects, the earthbound world crashes.

>> No.1862   [Delete]   [Edit]

he cant get all the effects if he cant get to earthbound world.

Try a different enterance? there's more than one way in there i think, or is it the pixel worlds in general?

>> No.1863   [Delete]   [Edit]

people can get all the effects and then go back derp derp
plus he said it was working fine when he first got it, so that's just what i assumed :I

>> No.1864   [Delete]   [Edit]

Yep, dropping an effect worked. Thanks! :D

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Hey guize, I assume most of you know about the whole chris chan sonichu thing (If not, read it NAOW http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com/chrischan/)? well, I was watching the audiobook on youtube (I couldn't bear to read the comic) AND OMG WTF look who's made a guest appearance!

>> No.292   [Delete]   [Edit]

Ahaha, those are epic lulz. I'm gonna go watch some more nao and look for Uboa! XD

>> No.1849   [Delete]   [Edit]

'Dis shit is blatant.

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I KNOW I AM THE 20TH PERSON TO SAY THIS!, BUT the Yume Nikki wiki needs help. It has 23 articles! (24 ever since I came along)

I made an article on Big Red, and as it turns out, making wiki pages AREN'T that difficult.

C'mon guys, it's fun, prideful, and easy. Plus, we (and others) can learn about Yume Nikki without brix'ing or going through Uboachan archives.


My first article ever, did it in four minutes, not even.


Get yours today!

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>> No.1835   [Delete]   [Edit]

I think someone should make a category for theories, so that all of them don't have to be on one page and it'll be more organized.

>> No.1836   [Delete]   [Edit]

Well, actually, I did it mostly because I hate when articles link to other articles that DON'T EXIST.

I agree with this.
I'm awful at making pretty wiki pages, though~

>> No.1837   [Delete]   [Edit]

Also, the two different Kyukyu-kun articles should be merged into one.

>> No.1847   [Delete]   [Edit]


Get started, guyz.

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