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What is the path to get to the ladder here? Or is there even a single way to get to it?

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I don't think there's a single one way that any game is "meant" to be played/enjoyed. Each person enjoys games differently. I admit that it is really rewarding to find things on your own. I just have a low tolerance level to frustration while I'm playing so I'd rather use a guide to get through, say, Hell Maze than give up after 10 tries. Just to clarify, I'm not the OP and I found the path to the ladder on my own as well. I do best in small maze-rooms, but have trouble with the big looping maps so I like to use a guide now and then.

Personally, I like using maps or guides that won't spoil what's coming up. I remember one map posted a while back that was just squares with general descriptions like "hell maze" and "black and white area" with vague descriptions on how to reach one area from another. I'll usually use those types, and I won't really turn to them until about 6 failed attempts to find something.

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with the open areas with no borders i usually take a diagonal path of about 30 degrees, which given time will be able to traverse most rectangles. so mostly i do not need maps. the wandering around is the fun part anyway

hell.... well hell is another story. so is that static room

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I had to make a map of that ladder in case i had to go again. That somewhat gave a little more to the achievement.

Not posting it though lol, you're on your own OP.

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The path changes. Sometimes youll be able to go through, and sometimes youll only reach dead ends.
If your unlucky like me, it will open up when you have found every effect but Demon. If not, just check back until you can go through.

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Has everything there is to be discovered in YN been found? Or could there still be some things not found, or documented on the wiki, ect. still lurking in the game?

Pic unrelated.

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Sadly, that's one of the side effects of a game like this becoming very popular.

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On the plus side, EVENTUALLY there will probably be a new version, so there will be more stuff to explore.

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I feel it's quite the opposite. You can see everything in the game, but what does it all mean now?

You can say it all means nothing, but that's no fun.

I think I had more fun making up theories than actually playing the game. Of course I try not to make completely crap theories, taking into account the relationship between items, areas, creatures, music, sound and symbols and try not to make presumptuous statements along the way.

That's just me, though.

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This is very true. The fact that almost if not everything has been discovered is great, in my opinion. Because the game is so interpretational in nature, it's different to virtually everyone.

I'd suggest against writing it off because there's nothing new to discover. Theories are half the fun of this game.

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Not sure if there's a thread on this, but oh well.

Everyone loves hax! Post em here if you have any silly hacks/edits.

I replaced the blonde effect with Uboa, and came down to see the original uboa. :B

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You need a 256 color BMP and RPG Maker
just import the file through RPGMaker and select the transparent color when it does

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I found that out a while ago. :B Now for programming stuff.

Edit: The color keeps going from gray to a really desaturated blue when I save as a 256 color .bmp. whaaaaat

Last edited 10/06/10(Thu)20:04.

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File: 1276278943060.png -(5400 B, 336x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


That image format does strange things to colors.
It seems like you can choose the colors that show up somehow, since pasting an image into a 256-color BMP will cause it to have the same colors as said BMP...

for extra fun, try pasting pictures into the background of the Uboa area.

Last edited 10/06/11(Fri)10:55.

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I usually save it as a normal BMP and then find something to convert it to 256. It doesn't mess the colors so much. I'm using Aha View now, but it's a trial so yeah

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Some amusing videos I came across:





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Question, Uboachan.

I have just recently started playing Yume Nikki. I really want to go on the spaceship, and I have the Yuki-onna and Midget effects, but the only problem is that I can't seem to get to the hand staircase from the dream beds while Madotsuke is sleeping.

I managed to pull it off at the very beginning of the game, but now whenever I get in a dream bed, I just sit there, and the music plays. I can get out of the bed and everything, but I don't know why It's not taking me to the staircase ;_;

Please help a YN fan?

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It's a random chance, so keep trying. It's almost as annoying as getting Uboa.
Wake up and return if you're not getting it
I always get it faster on the bed at the candle world but that's just me

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This. It randomly chooses a bed each time you go to sleep.
I like trying to use the one in the dream world apartment. If it doesn't work up, wake up, go back to sleep, and try again.

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I've heard that the bed in the Snow World has a higher chance of being picked. Not certain if it's true, but that bed sent me to Masada both times I used it.

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File: 1275851478487.jpg -(67.7 KiB, 645x485) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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sup /yn/, found out about Yume Nikki today and i have to say i'm loving it.
Anyway, not sure if this should be in Theories, but i have a feeling these beds might represent binary, seeing as the level has a certain technical feel to it. What do you think?

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It's a very interesting theory, I would love to see if it would sum up to anything.

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I think all beds in the area come up with this:

10101001 1 11
10101 1010101
11 1 11 100110011

1 1101010011
11101 0 00 101
101101 101011

or, if you invert the bed's meanings,

01010110 0 00
01010 0101010
00 0 00 011001100

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Which results in

>Error: Malformed binary. Your binary code is must be divisible by 8.


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File: 1276178279693.jpg -(3097 B, 120x90) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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I think that Uboa and Giygas should have an epic battle, perhaps to the death. Anybody agree with me? Oh, I can hear their battle cries now...

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You know... If you took this picture and used the curve of negative black space as the "hood" and drew a red Uboa face over Giygas's...
OH MY GOD! It's like the ultimate abomination!

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Aw, maaan. Image posting trouble...
Here, then. I'll do it the old-fashioned way!

THIS image:

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File: 1268587102713.jpg -(826.6 KiB, 1280x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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So, I was looking through all sorts of fanart I've downloaded from Uboachan, and I thought a bunch of them would make awesome wallpapers. After making a few, I decided to share the love.

I kind of got into it and made more than I planned. I actually had more planned, but my computer is uncooperative at the moment, so I figured I'd post what I have. Most of them basically consist of resizing in ways that don't suck, but I had to do some real work on some of them, picture related. All artwork is by somebody who isn't me.

All wallpapers are both normal and widescreen, though some obviously look better one way or the other. All of the original art is included in the download, so you can do it better if you choose.

All numbers are approximate, as some walls have variations:
16 Group pictures
12 Madotsuki
1 Monoe
15 Monoko

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And that should be just about all of the wallpapers.

That is a hilarious wall to finish with.
Thank you, Anonymous, for posting some examples in my stead.>>3564

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Those links are completely switched around.

>> No.3673   [Delete]   [Edit]

Bumping so that the other wallpaper thread can take what they like.

Cross referencing now:

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Yay for widescreen wallpapers!

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File: 1275865947027.png -(33.6 KiB, 787x389) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Hey, can one of you guys do me a favor? I need the "warp maze" song from Yume Nikki.
As seen here at around 1:40:

Picture not really realted.

>> No.3644   [Delete]   [Edit]

Alright, the Warp Maze song, is actually the BGM 14 song slowed down, I'll see If I can alter it to that speed, save it and send it.

One moment.

>> No.3645   [Delete]   [Edit]


And here we are.



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File: 1275931575022.png -(61.2 KiB, 362x295) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Wow that was quick. Thank you very much.

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File: 1275931882227.jpg -(38 KiB, 512x384) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Holy shit, I just realized it's the Aztec Rave monkey song.

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File: 1275875390336.jpg -(70 KiB, 440x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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I'm not really sure where this goes, feel free to move it if this isn't the right board.

Anyway, here goes. I'm not a Masada fangirl. I don't imagine him as a beautiful bishounen, and I don't fantasize about saving him from loneliness with my beautiful love etc. etc.
However, Masada has somehow snuck into my head, and now acts as a "character" within my conscious (or maybe even subconscious) mind. He usually acts as a calm, neutral voice of reason or guide to new aspects of life. An example: Say I'm thinking about my bass playing, and I'm wondering if I should give up. Masada will then act as the voice in my head that says "Hey, don't give up just yet. You know enough to keep up your current skill level until you find a way to learn more." This is hard for me to explain, and it may not make any sense to you at all.

If it does though... Does anyone else out there have similar "characters" in their minds, taking on certain roles of your conscience? And has anyone else adopted one or more YN characters in such a way?
Sorry if this question is too strange. ^^;

>> No.3647   [Delete]   [Edit]

Not strange at all, in my opinion. I write novels as a hobby, I usually have full-length conversations with some of my characters. Not necessarily as a conscious, but moreso as people to argue with when desperately bored.

>> No.3649   [Delete]   [Edit]

Yes, yes.

Ever since childhood I always had these "companions" that gave me advice and encouragement in everything. They've always been there, for the longest time being very active and at some occurrences even "taking over" completely when I'm in a very difficult situation (like pilot change or something ololol)
It's almost as if they are different personalities, but they aren't. Can't explain too well.
Basically, they are their own persons, have their own identity, their own pasts, anything a normal human being would have and feel. They all react differently to a certain situation, so it's good practice for me to analyze what the next best step would be. Almost like chess, haha.

One of those "companions" is Snow, name I have adapted as my own nickname, after her telling me that I would feel "more stronger and confident" when people start calling me that. True to her word, I started feeling like my own person, having my own identity... again, hard to explain.~

Hmh~ as for YN-related characers, it's Madotsuki, but she doesn't talk much. Whenever I go biking she comes with me and we end up in the most impossible places.

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