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Or am I being a derp?


Picture not really related.

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Unofficial updated version.

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Oh look it's that pic from /cos/ with the nice Poniko.

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Oh. That's kinda lame. Never heard of it before.

Thanks anyway, guv'nor.

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hi there guys, i was trying to hack YN the other day and i found this two seems to be unused effects in it, thanks to my sister that ripped almost all the graphics of YN that i could found this two effects.

I dont know if it was posted earlier this but for me is kinda a discovery, since i played all the game and i never obtained this two, no even for accident, so i kinda called them Greyscale effect, and Blindfolded effect.

I belive that the Greyscale effect has some kind of relation with Monoko and Monoe, or even with the White desert, why? well is pretty simple, the White Desert, Monoko and Monoe has something related they are all in Black and White, aslo all the creatures and things in WD, so this effect, because is kinda like that, maybe in one point this was supposed to be obtained for talking to either some creature in the WD or Monoko and Monoe, other explanation maybe it was original intented to be obtain at one of those Shadow people in the Shadow town.

The other kinda is based in all the theory of Madotsuki was raped at some point in her life, come to think it she is blindfolded there, kinda like she doesnt want to see something, or somebody doesnt want that she sees his/her face, or that the face of madotsuki bothers him/her in doing his will, again maybe isnt that way, but maybe it could be, i belive that this effect could be obtained at some point by talking or to Kyu-Kyu Kun, or some sex intented creature, or maybe after the FACE event.

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Theory incoming.
Monoe and her younger sister, Monoko, started a club/gang with a monochrome colour scheme. For a while, Mado was part of this club, thus explaining the grayscale effect.
The cave is a place where they would hang out, maybe it was a tent or a den, or an actual cave. Dave Spector could be a boy in the gang, Monoe & Monoko's brother or perhaps even father (not in the gang obviously but closely connected explaining the grayscale.)

Tying this into the traffic accident theory concerning Monoko makes sense.

Wait this isn't /t/.

Last edited 10/07/31(Sat)04:10.

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Madotsuki is a fan of POLYSICS...?

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Post Nasu high scores. I want to know if I'm any good or not.
EDIT: I brought my high score from 130 to 270 right after posting this. Pic updated.

Last edited 10/07/28(Wed)13:36.

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File: 1280426615155.png -(9557 B, 641x478) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This is the highest recorded score.

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Wow. I'm terrible at this game.

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severed head effect in the anime K-On

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Huh, it does look like a seahorse. When I first saw that little fella I thought he was an Indian who is also an elephant.

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also the somewhat aztec-like bird behind her

Last edited 10/07/30(Fri)18:23.

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Someone has probably started a thread of this, plus I didn't know where to post this so...

What place in the game gives you emotional feelings? (Such as making you happy, sad, angry, etc.).

This room makes me happy and sad, happy because of the music that plays in it, but sad because it's so small and one of the happiest places. I'll make another threory about it in >>>/t/ .

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What are you doing here?

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So in the end she wanted to fly.

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Sprites have feelings too.
Do you have pixels? Fuck no.

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Welcome to Uboachan.

Don't like what you see? Gtfo.

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I've read somewhere that supposedly Yume Nikki has a karma meter that resets when you wake up. And if you kill enough, the "gameplay changes." Has anyone tried to test this out? I went to the kill room and slaughtered everything in it 3-4 times before giving up. I suspect it might be a made up rumor to get people to waste time.

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There is a special variable in the game that determines what you will/won't see and resets when you sleep. I'm not sure what increases or decreases it, but you can see that it exists when you look at the game's code.

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I would have thought the same thing about Uboa if I hadn't seen it on youtube.

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Try to get a very high score in NASU. Maybe that will do something.

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Chromeo's new music video is out. It reminds me so much of Yume Nikki. Only because I think the video was actually filmed in Poniko's house and I was constantly expecting Uboa to show up. (It even has the lamps that are on during the dark.)

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There's a review that calls the 'awake Madotsuki' as Yume and the 'sleep Madotsuki' as Nikki.

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Also, sauce

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OP here, I made it. I had the idea and couldn't find anyone with talent to draw it so I did it myself the easy way.

I have to see this, do you happen to have it bookmarked?

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Anyone notice that after you stab that one wall to get to Kyu-Kyu-Kun, the eyes on it are sort of like Murdoc's eyes?

(also ignore me if you want to I suck at alot of things boohoo)

If you don't listen to the Gorillaz you'll have no idea who Murdoc is.

Pic somewhat related

Last edited 10/07/29(Thu)21:14.

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ITT: The one thing that generally strikes fear into you while playing Yume Nikki.

Also, I know most people will more than likely say Uboa, but, for me, he's nothing compared to the mind fuck of FACE.

Something about that whole "unhappy zipper leading to KyuuKyuu-Kun and then....it" and the continuity behind it not ever changing but staying the same is very foreboding and the payoff, FACE, is just fucking frightening.

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The place in Candle World where you find the purple/pink pyramid. Every time I enter it, I always get a heart-attack from that Toriningen.

Every time...

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Lunatic toriningen, I always have this scared, weird, feeling in my body whenever I see one, I also jump a little when I hear that 'BUAMPF' sound when they catch you.

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It doesn't strike fear at me, rather it creeps into me slowly.

White desert background music

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Number world in general, also unhappy zipper. And, killing/stabbing most things because "AAUUUUGUHHH" creeps me out more than it should.

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