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Hey! Look what I found on the not completely dead Mikuchan topic! ...And Sorry for not knowing how to quote stuff properly.
"He wrote a story, which apparantly won some amateur writers contest in Japan.

this is what i can remember of it (according to a 2ch anon)

he, as a child, for three years (7yrs-11yrs), he lived next to this half asian girl, they were more or less best friends
half asian girl was bullied for being half asian, and also for having a fairly loose grip on reality, apparantly, eg, invisible friends, believed in faeries, frequent nightmares
at the time, he pretty much distanced himself from her to avoid himself being bullied
so more or less, after 3 years of being friends, he started to ignore his neighbour
one day, her parents went on a trip, intended to leave her alone for 3 days or something...well, a length of time
he was still ignoring her at this point, apparantly he could hear her screaming at night (nightmares i assume), but he didn't do anything
half way through the second night, screaming started again, but stopped
next day, it's found out that she jumped off the balcony
that said, my theory is he made this game as a tribute to her, assuming this story is true.

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Bump ftw

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whoa this topic is being rezzed but dear god do i want that story.

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This actually adds up to the so-called interview; 'Kikiyama' says that the game was made for a girl he knew who killed herself.

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There's still no actual validation on the legitimacy of the interview.

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Excuse me,
I have to click the switch and come in and outside of Poniko's house to trigger the uboa event?
Sorry, I'm new to the fandom, and my english isn't so good.

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Yup. Click switch, exit house, enter house, goto 5. The randomizing happens when you enter the area.

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Hi /yn/
I'm an audiofag so I decided to watch the spectograms of YN soundtrack, and I noticed that the random blips in BGM_037 produce a weird looking pattern at the upper "part"/frequencies (as you can see on the pic). It wouldn't probably look weird to you if you never tried to make any music, soundscapes or something.
Anyways, I have two more buisnesses to you.
Do you know the alternative/unofficial version of Yume Nikki? It includes an alternative ending, "warp zones", the debug room and allows to use the "unusable effects" (blindfold and grayscale).
Here's the video showing the alt ending (don't watch if you want to discover it by yourself):

...and what the fuck is BGM_032? I've completed the game and I don't remember hearing it anywhere.

PS. I think there should be a /mu/ board on uboachan lol

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Anoybody have this version? Link in the vid is dead.

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Alycthul is a bro


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Sweet! Official or not, extra content for this game is always welcome.

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The Medamaude sure is "handy"!

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File: 1291838736513.jpg -(137.3 KiB, 400x267) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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File: 1291849482904.jpg -(61.5 KiB, 324x244) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ship was SO Crashed!

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File: 1291884764319.jpg -(275.8 KiB, 1024x684) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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File: 1295120505418.jpg -(1394 B, 57x76) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

don't try talking to her, she gives you the cold shoulder

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I finally got around to finishing it. I labeled all the music in the game, as well as slowed down the music that was slowed down in the game. Took a while syncing up the sound so was exactly the same as in game but I think I got it all right.

Since my connection keeps getting reset whenever I try to send the file I just uploaded it some upload sites, take your pick:

If I'm missing something somewhere somehow let me know!

Last edited 10/06/07(Mon)21:51.

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Downloading as well; thanks!!

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sankyuu anon~

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Thanks a lot, Florn.

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Just wanted to say thank you for saving me the trouble

You're awesome Florn :)

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So, Uboachanners, personal curiosity: how did you find out about Yume Nikki? (and no, "through Internet" is not a valid answer!)
I found the game on TvTropes' Nightmare Fuel page, with a video depicting how to find Uboa. It was... interesting.

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i played ao oni and got somewhat obsessed over it, looked it up in google for an english one, and got linked to a forum talking about ao oni and yume nikki. thought i should try it, tried it, liked it

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File: 1294798594622.jpg -(186.7 KiB, 1300x1069) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Guy told me about it on a forum I frequent. Some noob was drawing stuff on the "Stuff you doodled" thread, and it was all weird ass shit. This other guy was like "That shit looks like something that could've been drawn out've Yume Nikki." And we were all "WHAAAATS THAAAT?!" So then he told us and we got into a heated "LSD IS SCARIER THAN YUME NIKKI" "NO FGT" argument. I REALLY got hooked when on the "Add to the picture" Thread some guy posted a wierd ass face at the bottom of the picture, and The same guy that brought Yume Nikki up the first time posted the picture to the left. I had done some researching on Yume Nikki and the funny thing is I was ninja'd by him so I said, and I quote: "Fuck I was ninja'd.



There goes my sleep for the next three nights."

I was scared of Uboa at the time. I really did lose sleep over him/her/it. Anyway, I diecided to go ahead and do some more research from Lets Plays, Wikias, TVTropes, and, against my better judgement, tried the game myself. I lost more sleep and look like shit now, but for some odd-ass reason, I laugh at most Yume Nikki stuff. KyuKyu-Kuun makes me smile, etc, etc...

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aw shit can't believe i never posted here. thought i did...

So one day I was on YouTube derping and herping, then in the comments someone mentioned "Big Red in Yume Nikki is worse" compared to something in the video i think. So I was like "WELL SHIT" and I read the wiki article on Yume Nikki. I was intruiged, and then I watched LoudMan01's lets play. It was so cool, I had to play the game myself. Yup. Then at some point Yume2kki and .flow strolled into the scene like motherfuckers, and I think I first saw .flow and 2kki not here, but rather YouTube.

Uh... yeah... And then, before, the troll on our forum was Uboa. (Avatar was the original sprite, and everything in his info fields and sig and even his username was just AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA) I didn't know what Uboa was back then, so I thought it was some... Nun/Iranian girl with a weird face.

I lol to think of it now.

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I first found out about it through people discussing Giygas versus Uboa on YouTube and DeviantArt, prompting me to look Yume Nikki up on TVTropes, but it didn't hold my interest. I didn't pay much mind to it until recently, when I was segued from Touhou music videos on YouTube into the Yume Nikki version of "Artificial Children" at random. The video itself wasn't what caught my attention... it was the ending "omake" to the video; a botched version of "Smooooooooch!" that interrupted itself with the FC World glitch event sound (very loudly!) and replaced the adorable animations of Poniko, Mado, and Monoko with stills of "Ah not tan" Uboa, Mado with a knife, and in-game artwork of redlight Monoko.

It startled me quite a bit, since I wasn't expecting it at ALL, and the design of Monoko, plus some of the imagery in the video when I rewatched it, prompted me to search about the game more in depth, and I eventually found myself rather liking not only the characters and setting in general, but the amount of fan-interpretation that comes with how little of the game is actually explained.

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I would hit that bucket man.

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I'd hit it ™

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ahaha came buckets get it get it

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I know right?

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are there any yume nikki gifs that could be used as icons for LJ and elsewhere?
pic unrelated

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I've made a few animated 50x50 icons with the PNG images edited from http://uboachan.net/media/res/29.xhtml with Photoshop and Imageready ...

I've been planning to make 100x100 ones too but been lazy lol


Last edited 11/01/10(Mon)07:25.

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Oh god guys.... I haven't been here in about a year or two... maybe popping in and out or so

but anyways since I'm bored and this /is/ a general board I suppose I might as well pretend that I'm alive for a little while


So last year for an animation project, I did a PV for the 24 EFFECTS song "Madotsuki in Wonderland". It was really crappy looking. And by really crappy, I mean /really/ crappy.

Should I try to reanimate the thing? I only got one minute done last year, but I think now I might be able to re-do the whole thing if I work progressively.


Pic related, it's a gif from it. It only repeats once, I think.

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Can we look at the PV somewhere?

It's somehow hard to judge, y'know, when there's only like a 3-second preview from it.

>> No.5500   [Delete]   [Edit]

...It's /really/ crappy. I'm kind of embarrassed by it, but I guess if enough people want to see it, I'll upload it on one of my old school animation accounts and link it.

>> No.5501   [Delete]   [Edit]

why did you even bother asking if you werent going to show us so we could tell you. Just go ahead and post it already.

>> No.5502   [Delete]   [Edit]



Just post it already. Otherwise you can't expect anyone to tell you to redo it or not.

Last edited 11/01/10(Mon)01:58.

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Hey! Recently there was a new let's play of Yume Nikki! I think I prefer this to loudman's because it actually has a lot more, content wise, and this person actually knows a lot more.


Enjoy it!

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File: 1294515012918.jpg -(55.5 KiB, 300x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I was a little skeptical to this not having someone speaking, but yea, I guess it's pretty cool.

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