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Hai Guize.
So, I've played Yume nikki before. But Not for a while.
I'm downloading it and about to play it for real.
Before I do, is there anything that people need to clear up for me? Like, character wise or common theories?

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It seems that every time you are presented with a good point, you start acting silly.

Never change, uboachan. Neve change.

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We will make sure to Neve change

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does anyone know the source of this pic? : (

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Do want wallpaper size version

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Post your NASU high-scores!
I normally suck at these games, but I managed to get a 1000 point bonus by eating the 300pts eggplant and the 10pts eggplant at the same time.

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how many hours did that take?

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Well it took me about 2 minutes to find the Address of the Score in NASU.
5 seconds to change it from (0) to (88580)
And about 6 more seconds to try to catch one of those damn egg plant things.

I "Legitimately" changed the score :D

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Let's see what happens if you get 99999 score. And what happens if you get more. And if anything happens to anything else in the game if you have max score.

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hello. I was curious if you can open yume nikki with rpg maker xp, and if so, how would that be done? the EXE file 'RPG_RT' doesn't work.

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Why open it with XP? It's an RM2003 game.

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first thing that came to my mind:
uboa nad kyukyu tits

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Dont touch them, the heads will fall off

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this is probably the best thing that ever happened to me, but what?

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i need to download YN for mac, but is there ANY way to do it WHITOUT using paralelldesktop, wmvare or any of those things? is there a version for mac???????
and no ''get a pc'' comments. i have one, but its broken.

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"The short answer is no.

The long answer is... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

Also troubleshooting thread ^^^^ up there.

Last edited 11/02/06(Sun)01:47.

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Going to sound like a wimp here, but was anyone else emotionally affected by Yume Nikki?

Two days ago I played through and beat Yume Nikki.

After completing it, I felt very depressed and started pondering my existence. I've felt like shit two days after completing it.

Madotsuki is a shut-in like me, and it scares me that I could end up going insane and killing myself one day.

I know I sound like a HUGE fucking pussy right now, but no game has ever done this to me. Am I the only one that felt this way about Yume Nikki?

I just honestly don't ever want to touch it again. Was a great game and all, but it really fucked with my head. I feel really hopeless and drained right now.

god damnit I wish I wasn't so fucking sensitive to this shit

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Yume Nikki just hit a nerve with you, that's all. To me, Yume Nikki reminded me of my childhood. The music and areas reflected dreams and thoughts and memories of my past that I hadn't remembered or even thought much of until playing. That's one reason I love this game so much; it really makes you think and feel. Albeit, sometimes not in the greatest ways (like you, OP) but it just depends on who you are and what (if any) memories or emotions are triggered by playing. If you, say, had a close friends who commited suicide by jumping, the ending might strike a nerve.

tl;dr it's not that abnormal of how you feel, i've heard lots of people talk about how beating the game made them depressed. Just remember it IS just a game :U

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I went only like "WTF" while playing. And wasn't affected very much, even my dreams weren't affected.
I just had fun.

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guys guys i have a question

Is there anywhere I can download sprites from the game? I'd get them myself via RPG Maker, but I'm running Linux and I don't think Wine will run it.

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You are the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me.

(This may or may not be a hyperbole.)

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Your life must really suck.

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everything's down

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What is your favorite part of the soundtrack? Mine is definitely BGM_020, the one which plays when you can see the faceless girls (I don't remember if or how's the area named, sorry).

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BGM_006, which I think is Mars-san's area.
BGM_010, Ending theme.
BGM_017, The Barracks.
BGM_018, The room you get the flute in.
BGM_024, The checkered area.
[FC] BGM_001, FC World.
ゆめにっき(Yume Nikki), the song that plays while saving.

Also, this and the songs in it:

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