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What do you think about that? Ithink it's obvious, lol
pic unrelated

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Is everything in Yume Nikki named after fans? Even right down to Madotski herself? I just started playing the game a few days ago and I'm curious.

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You're not supposed to put "sage" in every field.
Does it even work here?

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Monoko's name is official too. It's her filename. dunno about other characters though

Last edited 11/03/09(Wed)19:38.

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Monoko and Monoe are from the filenames, but their names resemble Monochrome a lot.

Everything else is fan-named. Many names are just japanese descriptions (such as ponytail girl -> poniko)

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Monoe is actually Monokou in the filenames

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I just discovered that the progression of the bass notes in the song that plays when Mado is sitting at her desk is the same as the beginning of Canon in D.
Probably just a coincidence, but still pretty neat.
What are your thoughts on the music in Yume Nikki?

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Live-action Yume Nikki film directed by Uwe Boll.


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o kurwa

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Hell, I'd watch it.

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My entire overall feeling on yume nikki in one video


Just felt like sharing~

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DUDE. I made that video.

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File: 1298906490965.jpg -(35.9 KiB, 301x267) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

DUDE. All of it? Or just one of the two? Like images and music, just images or just music.

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>OMGITSBIGFOOT browses ubuuchan
>I shit brix
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Proof please.

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It's time we really got to know each other instead of just stabbing.

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Yes indeed.

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This pic.

Best thing that has happened to me since smoked cheese.

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anyone gotten there?

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I have visited Danbooru many a time before, yes.

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Yep, go to the puddle world, to the road, walk right, into the tunnel, then right for a long time. Walk back left and enter the sewer, if it isn't open walk to the right again for an even longer time.

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hello uboachan!
i was playing around and searching for effects and i discovered this place.
it has these three monuments and random character who gives you random numbers.
Has this been discovered before?

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Yes. The number guys are all over famiworld and that room has been found before.

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Okay. i just wondered cause i havent seen this room anywhere in any walkthrough videos i've seen

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Yeh, I explored the crap out of that area and the underground area just to find there's nothing really interesting there... The dudes that give you numbers are everywhere. There's a pretty neat place on the northwest of the map though

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That map has a metric fuck ton of land, just that most of it isn't accessible. There's like a whole other island.

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Does anyone else get really emotional when listening to any of the 24 EFFECTS songs? When listening to my music on WMP on random a few minutes ago, 'endleSSStation'<my FAVOURITE song on the album, also> played and I instantly teared up and paused my writing of a fanfic. I haven't played/watched videos of Yume Nikki in months, and I even deleted it off of my laptop to free up some memory.
I think it's just me being a faggot and remembering playing Yume Nikki constantly and reading the theories...Browsing Uboachan...Trying to collect effects... I never did finish the game. I was too scared that it would upset me too much to see Madotsuki kill herself. Or maybe I just didn't want to end it all.
/end faggot rant

TL;DR version: I cry when I listen to 24 EFFECTS. :C

Picture related, I drew this on iScribble when I was obsessed with YN.

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This thread has links to the artist pages and such.

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9 A.M., all the way.

The first time I listened to it was at 5 A.M. in the morning, having no sleep whatsoever for 48 hours at least, just watching the sky getting lighter and lighter.
I was smoking cigarettes and drinking really strong coffee, to keep me awake - although I wasn't even sleepy. I just felt very lightheaded and "thin", like I was becoming a part of the atmosphere.

The song was on full volume, but I could still hear the sounds of the city leak through.

Thinking of Yume Nikki. The dream worlds. The loneliness. The isolation.

It was beautiful.

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Hello oniichan~

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File: 1298354821991.png -(89.4 KiB, 335x340) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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Could we please have one?

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I'm sorry you got so much sand in your vagina over people having different tastes from yourself. you can help your situation by shutting the fuck up and posting some sinister desktops to the thread. living in a world with people different from you must suck. :C

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>>5679 this game is SINISTER. you fuck it up turning something evil and dark into faggotry

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i love KyuKyu's face in this pic. Just looks like he's saying, "yeah, rubbin' a pole, got a problem with it?"

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So I'm rubbin' a pole, big whoop, wanna fide about it?

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