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This is amazing. Especially the authenticity; he never states it, but there are some things that happen that can't be done with gameshark codes and that are very difficult to do with ROM hacking seeing as there is no real Majora's Mask ROM hacking tool. Case in point: the bobble head cow in the swordsman's dojo is missing his head.

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Latest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K48QdVhCBfQ

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Latest latest


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I think it lost it's charm as it went on. But regardless I rather enjoy this creepypasta, be it real or not.

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I'm going to lol so hard if the last part ends in Bellair.

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I NEED to know how this ends. Even if it does end in "Bel-Air". I've never followed a creepypasta so avidly.

Someone should post the contents of TheTruth.txt.

Like, now.

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I don't think it's been released by the "roommate" yet.

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download TheTruth.txt
enjoy your brix

Last edited 10/09/16(Thu)10:30.

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...So, everyone who downloaded thetruth.rtf just got Ben'd? FFFFFFFUUUUUU-I don't want an Elegy statue in my dreams. ; n;

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So is this fake or not?
Either way, brix were shat.

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Last night, I was watching TV, when out of nowhere, I swear to God I heard the reverse Song of Healing. Guys, I'm genuinely scared. Dx

Last edited 10/09/18(Sat)14:01.

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The truth: lots of hacking/hex editing etc. made this.

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you shouldn't of done that...

eeh, i didn't really like it that much.

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>hex editing
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you're bad at this

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game over, man

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Who is this an image of? and from what?

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Summer Wars.
Kinda like Digimon, cept you play as the monster.
Oh right; the kid is a math geek who hacks the internet by accident or something and ends up Breaking the World.
Hex Editing, yknow.

Last edited 10/10/04(Mon)14:50.

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Is it a game or an anime, or what?

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Nope. At best you could say it's sort of like... Uh, your "monster" is your avatar. You can do a lot with your little avatar. Fighting, work, fun, etcetcetc. I loved the movie and highly recommend it to all of Uboachan.

By the way, the dark-skinned "girl" is a trap.

Edit: Aw fuck me I forgot to mention it's an anime movie.

Last edited 10/10/05(Tue)12:56.

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So.. it's basically like that retarded megaman spinnoff, the .exe series

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N...not really. It's actually a really good movie. But hard to explain. I explained the function of OZ, aka the world, or whatever. The internet basically. The story is a different....story.

It gets hacked. And shit. Goes. Down.

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If Uboachan can handle the bunnyman, its a great movie.
After all, when one kid accidently breaks the entire planet, it cant be bad.

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