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I remember reading an article on some men made of strange things, like rubber and even silicone, yet still functioning as normal human beings.

Can anyone find the article for me? I've looked for it on google forever.

pic semi-related.

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I literally -JUST- saw this about 4 days ago.

The main ones they showed were the "creatures" on the beach, right?
They knew not to go on dry land or too close to the water, even though they didnt have actual brains or even artificial intelligence.

This is what you're talking about, right?

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3 months late, but yeah you're on the right track. Can you gimme some hints on how to find some more info on them?

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you're talking about Theo Jansen's "animals". They are kinetic sculptures.


I don't think this has anything to do with people made of silicone though.

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Well, fuck.
Sorry I couldn't have been more helpful.

Though, I am -incredibly- interested in what the OP is talking about.
Anyone got any leads..?

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