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itt: Post your paranormal experiences and/or your friend's stories.

I don't have any to personally share, unfortunately. I live in a small town with nothing known to be haunted in it. Post something hardcore the make up for this lameass first post, guys.

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one time, when i was 10. i was sitting in mother's double bed and next to me i started hearing breathing like someone was sleeping. i moved over it and it moved to the other side.freaked out and sat on the couch saying "i'm not afraid of you" haha i was a silly child but seriously what the fuck was it

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I was at my friends house, walking back after feeding his chickens, and the really rickety swing that was there when he bought it slammed into me (there was no wind).
In that same house, my friend's mom was laying in her bed and something started ringing her neck really hard.

Another time, we were in Barstow(A middle of fucking nowhere desert town) and we were examining all the burnt houses and churches and such, and in one of them my eyes turned zombie fuckin' blue, and one of my friends got pushed against the wall.

Freaky shit, man.

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on teim i aws in my room adn tehn this gost came out!!!!!!

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omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!me 2 wsa so freky!!!i pessded in my pandts

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From the ages of 7 - 15 I believe i was an angel sent down from heaven to bring happiness to the people of earth. And i had a spirit guide called Llysander.

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I had powers. such as Aura-Sight and The ability to read peoples thoughts threw emotions. It was a creepy time in my life. i had no idea what was going on.

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I was sleeping one night, and I saw my closet open. Back then I was a seven year-old, fun loving Christian who was stupid and just a child.

The closet opened slowly. I thought it was the Bogeyman. I was scared, so I called out "Hello" and in a demonic voice it replyed "Helllllooo."

"Wooooould you like a caaaandy!?"


"Whhhhhhhhyyy not!?"

"B-Because you scare me."


The door opened. I saw a girl with glowing red eyes, propped up with long slender arms. Her teeth were huge and literally impaling her chin. I could see this because her eyes lit up the closet.

I closed my eyes as she lunged towards me. I heard her scream "YOU! I'LLLLLLLL GUT YOUR FAAAAMILLYY!" She screamed and I passed out.

The next morning it turned out that a serial killer apparently entered in the middle of the night and dissected my mother and sister. I was the only survivor. I was sent to a foster home, and the doctors feared that I was emotionally scarred. However, I wasn't. All I know is that the girl killed my family, and that if there was a God he wouldn't let this happen.

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i had a thng about a man named sam
i think i shat myshelf

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My mother's best friend is psychic. Between me and my brother, there was a miscarrige. So, one night when my mother and her friend Lori were chatting about stuff, and Mom heard a little boy saying "Mom." like he was missing a sock. Thing was, my brother was sleeping on the couch, only being 3 at the time. Lori sensed the presence of the boy. Then a year later, I was born. Ta-daaaaa. Mom said that if the baby between me and my bro made it, I wouldn't exsist.

Okay, now, go back like to when my brother was a baby. He would sit at the bottom of the stairs and just giggle and laugh, like he was trying to have a conversation with something. When he learned to crawl he sat at the top of the stairs and played with noone. Dear Lori came by and visited. Said it was a little boy, once again. An angel, if you will. Dunno if he's around or not...

SKIP TO LIKE TWO MONTHS AGO FROM NOW. I live in my uncle's house for school, and then I go back to my dad's for the weekend, since my uncle lives in a tiny little town. ANYWAY I was just minding my own business as I slept while Mom was working the night shift. About 12 AM my bro, who is older than me, comes up like "I HEAR A MAN TALKING TO ME" so he gets the gun and sleeps with it. He tells me before the bus came for me that he tried to move things with his mind. I know he has a few mental issues so I leave him alone for a bit. The next night, same thing. He comes in and sleeps on the floor. We're both alone with each other, and I notice at 2 AM he's crying. I ask him what was up. He said it whispered in his ear, the voice. I shook my head. "Bullshit, Tyler." I told him. "You're dreaming." but he was awake. He went home with me later in the week. The weird thing is, that house has a bit of a, ahem, history, if you will. Lori doesn't like it much there, she's been there much more than one time. And everyone there always seems to be negative towards one another.

But I don't think that's paranormal. My uncle can be a dick sometimes. My mom hates living with her brother. Me and Tyler both think taking orders from a stranger is bullshit. Even our cousin Derek really doesn't like living with my uncle/his dad. /shrug

Anyway I have a few more stories. I obsess over a lot of paranormal things, it's a freakish hobby of mine. But GOD is it FUN~!

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Well this isn't creepy but it is weird. I live in this old house yeah? well the hall,living room,and dining room I always get a uncomfortable feeling. Like I'm being watched. 2 summers ago I'd see an orb for about 2 seconds every now and then. I was always scared and would rush into the backyard with my family (fence work.). So last summer the stangest damn thing happened. I saw full water bottles at my door...I don't drink water in fact I most of the time drink OJ or milk. So I ask my mom and dad if they did it as a joke and I thought they lied at first and just pushed the bottle away. After awhile I came back out to get me a drink and there is a SECOND water bottle. I asked my parents again and they said no. They know I'm easly scared and probably wouldn't do that a second time. And when I got my drink and headed for my room there was a THIRD water bottle. At this point I didn't even go near my room. Later that night (cause we were working on fixing my room) I was sleeping in the dining room on a cot and I hear heavy breathing and foot steps coming toward me. I snap my eyes open and I didn't see anything...then again I couldn't move at all. After the "ghost" got close my neck twitched and I was able to move again. I rushed into my parents room and slept with them for the remainder of the night. They don't believe me but I think my dad secertly does. Nothing has happened since then. The house seems to be normal ever since July 16 2009.

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true story!
10 year old hearing things
could happen
you are so funny
take your meds
yeah sure that happened.
don't tell me you fell for rl stine's story there
you're not special
drink more water it's good for you and keeps you from getting dehydrated

closest thing i can think of to an experience is that my sister saw an angel in church when she was younger but that's prob. just a little kid seeing things. i won't tell her that, though, given that she's still christain and i'm... really not.

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I don't have many weird things to post that I remember. One thing I DO remember though is my mom and I were in a room (I was about 7 then, maybe) and we were just talking. There was a rubber band on the table. It wasn't twisted up or anything, there was no tension at all, but it suddenly just did a flip. We were both kinda like "...Did you just see that?"
Also, I have able to read people's thoughts before by...well not really do anything. A sentence or something will pop into my head, then they'll say it. I'm sure most all of us get things like this, but I used to get them a LOT. I still do sometimes. I've also forseen events that ended up happening in the future, normally in my dreams.

...I don't really have anything interesting to share though. D:

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so last week i didnt pass around the letter that said if i didnt pass it to at least 7 people my family would be killed so today i am living on the streets with some dudes laptop i smuggled thats really scary right right right?

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I'm sure that happend.

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Two times in my house, doors have randomly flown open. One time my mom blamed it on the cat, but he was on the other side of the room. also, once I was making tea and the strainer jumped off the counter and hit my ankle. (some bricks were shat)

And there's this one lighthouse that has a gift-shop, and whenever my dad goes in it much brick-shittery happens. Things randomly fall off the shelfs, doll that aren't made to blink start blinking, stuff like that. My dad wont go there anymore D:

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>>275 here

Apparently the frances anderson center in edmonds is haunted by frances anderson (NO RLY) but nobody in the whole summer camp or gymnastics program there has seen anything.

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I live about half the time with my best friend, a devout believer in the supernatural. I, on the other hand, am a skeptic. We're extremely close, and between us, we have a friend who is sort of the middle ground. Recently, she came back from college for her vacation. One night, she was staying with us, and was up playing Sims on her laptop long after we had gone to bed.
Allegedly, she was relaxin' all cool when her laptop shut off, unexpectedly. She says she looked up and saw a tall man in a hat, but that she couldn't see any features on him. Back-From-College friend says she was so scared she wanted to jump in bed with us, but didn't. Instead, she chilled there terrified; seeing this person/thing two more times. It would, from what I'm gathering, disappear an instant to a few seconds after she looked at it.
When she tells this to my BFF the next morning, BFF confidently replies that we "already have a ghost in the house;" grandpa something-or-other (Lawrence? I don't remember) and so Back-From-College friend asks if he wears a hat. He does not.
After some srs bsns Internet Research, BFF confirms her suspicions about this being a "shadow man." I am skeptical, as is my role as the Agent Scully of our pair. Although Back-From-College friend gave a strangely good description for knowing jack shit about Shadow Men, I say she was just seeing things, being awake up late and all. Possibly even out of fear after her laptop shut off; but I can't explain how that happened. What do you think, /x/?

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I think that you need to fucking watch your back when you are fapping. Grandpa might be watching.

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I remember ONE paranormal experience my mom told me about.
When I was little, I used to live in Shelton, there's this little creek that runs through it.
I think it was during the summer, my mom had the sudden urge to look at the creek, as she did, she thought she saw what appeared to be our dead cat, FLOATING OVER THE CREEK, with angel wings. She saw it for a good five seconds then he disappeared.

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i remeber when i was only small in school i used to see orbs of light, and one or twice i would see the blackened figure of a woman with her hair up in what looked like two buns.
i'm not sure about it i personaly it could have been more the trick of the light than anything else but i defenatly thought it was something back then. even so i don't eradicate the fact that my aunt a medium and fortuneteller (weather she's a fake or not i will never know) she said that my grandmother has finally found us and is happy a few years back.
i have my doughts about it but there is the small posibilty.

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The house I grew up in was a small victorian boarding home once, but there was a fire that killed a few of the residents, and it was later gutted and turned into a residential duplex. Nothing drastic ever happened to me personally, but it's worthy to note that my parents and most guests who stayed overnight attested to hearing footsteps from the burnt out, uninhabited attic. Mind you these were guests who didn't know anything about the house's history. It's also interesting to note that when we took the door hooks and other fixtures off (the fixtures were EXTREMELY old, as in 70+ years old) all of them had strange engravings on the back. Many were faded, but the one that was most prominent was an odd symbol that I can't describe, with the words "OE META" underneath it.

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Reading this thread at 1am and with the lights out = BAD IDEA

Last edited 10/06/20(Sun)20:49.

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I live near a graveyard, it's just across the road. Nothing strange happens. Wat do?

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you MAKE it happen.

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I don't know if what I saw was a ghost or just a hallucination... but I'm sure it wasn't a living person.

Back when I was 18 I was in an abandoned house, just checking it out, looking through the stuff left behind. From what I found it was obvious the last person who lived there was an old lady who had most likely died there, since the house had been empty since the late 70s. As I glanced out the front window i saw a woman standing in the yard with a camera pointed straight at me...

Of course I thought she was living and I ran downstairs out to my car, thinking she would call the cops. As I was trying to drive away I crashed my car into a ditch about 15 feet away from this woman... She never even glanced over. Just stood there. I got out of my car and she was just standing in the yard taking pictures of flowers. Never once looked over at me.

I can't know for sure what I saw, but I'm almost certain she was a ghost.

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I have a bar in my house- like, the kind of bar you'd find at a club, for serving drinks. It's not actually a business or anything, it's just there, it's pretty fucking cool for parties.

Anyway, I once had a few dreams about a guy named Adrian who would hang out behind the bar and talk to me. After that, the spot where he had been in my dream would feel cold in real life. This is probably a power-of-suggestion kind of thing than really paranormal, but it's cool. I can also sometimes initiate the dreams by sitting back there for a bit before I go to bed.

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Corporal Shephard?

Last edited 10/08/25(Wed)08:01.

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I'm boring.

The only thing creepy that has ever happened to me is I keep on seeing this guy in the corner of my eye.

Once I was actually facing toward him, and he had a this fedora and cape. He was completely white, but when I saw him, he kinda just shifted away into a corner at like, the speed of light man.

It was really creepy ;_;

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This just happened to me not ten minutes ago.

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Oh, exploitable.

(was gonna make good ol' Uboa busting out of the fridge, but that's too easy. couldn't think of anyone else fit for the job, though, so here, you have fun)

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One time when I was 9(almost ten, my birthday was that weekend) I was at a huge event that was going on most of the weekend and my parents were helping run the event. Some of my friends were there too, and their parents were helping run the event, too.
On the night after the last day of the event the event staff went to the hotel's bar to have some drinks, and our parents let my friends and I stay in one of the hotel rooms(the event provided the staff with rooms at the hotel).
So we were in my friend Stephanie's hotel room playing video games, when suddenly we hear a thump. We decide to ignore it, but then we decided to play a board game and we suddenly heard more thumping. Now, keep in mind we were 9, 10, and 12, so the idea of it being the people in the room next door was pretty much automatically ruled out. So, Stephanie and I being to short to reach the peephole, had Rachael check.
She looked through the peephole and then turned to us and said she had seen someone with a knife cutting their wrists and getting blood everywhere. Now, like I said before, Stephanie and I were only 9 and 10, so we started panicking, not knowing that the person could be killing themself, and automatically thought they were going to break in and kill us. We scrambled to close the window curtains(what this had to do with anything, I'm not sure, but it sure helped), and we tried calling out parents but no one answered their phones. After a while we calmed down a little, and started playing our games again, and then later that night Rachael's dad comes to get us and we walk out and there was no one there, and no blood or anything. No signs of anyone breaking in or anything.

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When I was little, I was lying in bed when I saw the easter bunny. It frankly looked like a woman I saw years ago running an easter race while wearing a pink bunny suit, but it also had this golden glow. Also, it was late - no reason to have glowy bunny-suited strangers in the house.

All she really did was walk up to my door, smile warmly at me, and proceed into the bathroom where I assumed it disappeared. It didn't scare me - in fact, I was filled with this really content feeling.

Probably just me dreaming, to be honest, but everything was so real and detailed. It was completely unlike the dreams I usually have.

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