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We tell strange real life events that happened to our parents/granparents/uncles/etc.

Once when my mom was a girl she was driving back to her small hometown from Mexico with my grandpa one night.The car broke down on the way there so they all got out of the car.Then suddenly my mom[along with everyone else who came along]saw this strange figure in a white cloak,long black hair float through the night air.She said it look kind of like the girl from the ring.She said this happened 2 times.

My uncle once told me that when he spent the night at my great grandparents house he took out the trash late at night and saw some type of shadow come after him.It turned out to be a dream but hes told me other stories in which he`s sensed or has seen a shadow being.

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I enjoyed that picture.

our old house, we had a dresser-cart-can-holder thing, we had boxes and a cock pot on it (slow cooker thingger) with a glass lid. Like three times, when no one was in the kitchen, the lid flew off and slammed to the ground. theres raised edges, so it had to be picked Up, it didnt break, though being glass, and the house was liek 200+ years old. Also, heard a growl in the foliage behind the garage once. it wasnt That full of 46296797 plants, we could see in it, but that growl was friggin loud.

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>cock pot
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>cock pot
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Oh god. Thank you guys for not letting me be the first to point that out. That said...

>cock pot

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