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W00T! I helped create this board with my personal imput!

Anyway, on to the paranormal.

Do you guys think Uboa's appearances everywhere are coincidental? Looking around my room, I see so many Uboa's, I dont even touch my lightswitch.

Be it possible that Kikiyama noticed all the wierds thing, and didnt create them, hence thats why we see Monoko, Uboa, and other crap everywhere?

Oh yeah, and offtopic, there's a face at my friends house sticking out of a wall. Is that safe?

Pic is my reaction when a freaking face came out of my friend's wall. In fact, screw the sentences above, this thread is now about the face.

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Can you get a picture of the face next time you're there?

idk, Uboa is kind of a pretty standard looking creepy face, it's probably appeared in lots of place before. The first time I saw Uboa, I thought it was supposed to be a mirror with a face in it...

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>this thread is now about the face
>the face
>the game
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We have a love-hate relationship Bumbaloe.

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Of course he created them.
you are just seeing them everywhere now because they have been etched into your mind. :|

Please Make out with the wall-face next time, and also take pics.

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It's just the Tetris effect, bro. It's just like how I can't hear anyone mumbling anymore without thinking they sound like the Pyro |:

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bumbaloe, you know we love you. Every board needs a resident troll/ass to function, so without you, Uboachan would be no more. That's why we love you.

And your fucking hilarious.

In other news, the face wasnt just a face, it was like an actual head coming out of the wall. Like, really. My friend told me to stay out of the room, and i'm not going back to his house until they move in a couple of weeks.

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go back and take pix
right now

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ha you got 13 get on the paranormal board!

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<3 u 2 bby

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Human brain has a specific structure to handle recognition of shapes it has seen before, hard-wired to detect human faces and (oddly enough) snakes. In short, your brain is just actively making sense of random patterns - if Uboa looked had a hamster face, you'd probably notice it around too.

Just hope this part of your brain works properly. Hemorrhages in it cause Capgras' disease.

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Man, all of my ideas in response to a face coming out of a wall are either childish or inappropriate.
I dread to think what might happen to me when my default response to the paranormal is to proposition it.

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are you trolling?

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