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Holy shit, I was listening to music on my computer with my headphones this morning, and I heard some weird noises so I paused the song, and the noises were coming form the headphones and I was checking all of my windows and it looked like nothing was playing but the creepy sounds were still there and then there was a man's voice and he sounded scary and he said "Yes...It is happening again...It is happening again!" and then it cut out. WHAT WAS THAT?!? Some thing like this actually HAS happened before. Last time I figured one of the movies I downloaded started on it's own or something, but last time it was just creepy sounds, this time there was a distinct voice. It sounded liek something from an old black and white horror film, but all I have on my computer at the moment is anime, and the only show I even have that is english is Dragon Ball. It couldn't have been dragon ball, it was too menacing and I just sounded nothing like the BGM from that show. In fact, I was listening to a song using VLC, so the music would have stopped if it was a video opening itself. I was the one who stopped the music. This was something else.

I think my computer is haunted. Has this ever happened to any of you?

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yes it's unfortunately not a haunting, it's your subconscious fucking with you, hearing shit in songs and that isn't anything new for me, and it goes get worse when i get paranoid but really it's all just a bit eh now.

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Probably this.
Personally, my sound driver will get a bit pissy when deciding what program to give priority to and crackles when something lower on the ladder needs to make noise. So it could be something technical.

But of course a haunting is cooler so let's talk about that.

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I PAUSED THE MUSIC. I heard tiny noises so I paused the song (It was the opening theme to Vision of Escaflowne if you want to go listen and see how there's nothing weird) and after I paused, there was a minute or so of just creepy ambient noises coming from my headphones, stuff like pipes clanking or something. And then the voice came. The whole experience lasted about 2 minutes. It was a clear voice, he spoke slowly and concise. Not garbled stuff that sounded like a voice. It was a real voice.

I just remembered, this happened when I was a kid, I was about 8 and I was playing some stupid Jimmy Neutron game on the nickelodeon website, there was no talking in the game, barely any sounds at all, something where you gave him a haircut and he would have wacky hairstyles. Out of nowhere, I heard a Woman's voice come from the computer's speakers, and she said "I can see you". I didn't use the computer for a week.

"It's happening again!" indeed ._. I don't have a good imagination for making up creepy things like this, I can't write a pasta or anything. And I don't hear voices all the time or anything. But there's been a few weird times on the computer. I just had a virus scan, can't be anything like that. But this was definitely a recording of a man's voice, not "the music sounded liek a voice!" I shut down the music program as soon as I heard something, I closed all the internet windows, I checked for open video windows, ect all while the man was talking. nothing. There was nothing!

The only thing I can think of is someone hacked my computer and it was like a call or something.

Also, now that I think of it, the voice almost sounded like The Brain from Pinky and the Brain.
"gee brain, what are we gonna to tonight?
"Same thing we do every night, Pinky, hack into Booger-chan's computer and scare the shit out of her!"

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Well that's quite amazing. No idea what it could be though.

>I heard a Woman's voice come from the computer's speakers, and she said "I can see you". I didn't use the computer for a week.

That would've terrified me no matter what age.

Last edited 11/09/02(Fri)15:08.

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Yes, it's kinda cool in a way, but hearing a man's voice saying "YES, IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN! IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN!" in the morning is not a good way to start my day ._. Those words are stuck in my head now.

To be completely fair, when it happened when I was a kid, I didn't think to check for extra windows or open files and whatnot, but then again we didn't download stuff back then. These are 2 different computers, too.

If IT HAPPENS AGAIN I will post about it here, but I'd like to hear what other people have to say.

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It was that. Go to a little before the 7 minute mark. That song must have been playing on low-ish volume from my youtube favorites while I was listening to other music with a program. Or I probably paused it right when the actual song ends around 5 or 6 minutes and then it unpaused later, I never bothered to listen to all that crap at the end, I always just skipped to the next song. Fuuuuck. I thought I had a mystery on my hands. But alas, all I had on my hands were some funky fresh beats. seriously, listen to that song, it's pretty cool. but damn. Well, I still don't know what caused the "I CAN SEE YOU" when I was little.


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If I only had a brain...

Sorry for the disappointment gaiz ;~; I'm kinda disappointed myself

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