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Oh boy, I watched the LP of Yume Nikki today after knowing it for some years now. I know I should play it myself, but I got to fix the controls first.

And my own fear of it.

And so I found the Wiki that you guys apparently made, then I found this chan. And I love it.

So anyway, >>203 inspired me to do the picture here. Here's also a printable PDF:


Place it near your light-switch. Especially if you're as paranoid as I am.

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I wish I had ink for my printer.

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Actually, me too.

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I wish I had a printer ;_;

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Go to your nearest Kinkos, get it printed, get it lamilabled, it should cost under $10 all together. It's a good quality print, laminated, and has an adhesive backing to put it on your wall. It's perfect for stuff like this. Just bring a flash drive with the PDF file saved on it.

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Print at 300dpi. Fits standard 2 3/4" x 4 1/2" switchplates.

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Meh, I tried. I'll post the PDF if anyone wants it. Plan on getting it printed out and lamilabled and Kinkos sometime next week.

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Bumping for creativity

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