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Do make sure to switch off the light. <3

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"Y helo thar"

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reminds me of the movie 'The Thing'

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Not that I'd want to bump into this thing on a dark street, but I don't really find this Uboa all that frightening. I think it's the pupils and the teeth; they're very animal-looking, which means the whole thing looks like some kind of misshapen sea creature, like some kind of Moray Eel thing. It may be ugly, but it's understandable, and that takes all the spook out of it.

The rendering is skillfully accomplished, though, no concerns there. It's just the interpretation I don't go for.

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Very well put.

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Where's that one of the spaced-out-stoned-off-his-ass-retard-happy Uboa?

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that's mah jizz face

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