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  1. Find Yume Nikki fan
  2. Steal his phone when he's not looking
  3. Find some way to download Uboa's scream onto the phone
  4. Set alarm to play scream at full blast at some ungodly hour in the morning
  5. Put phone back where you found it
  6. UBOOOAAAAAあああああああああ!!!

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Wow! This is an aweso... Wait... I'm Yume Nikki fan

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If'n you have a way to play YN and have a computer sound recording program up at the same time, like Audacity or Sound Studio, you can edit out other stuff later when one is done recording. Save as mp3, import it into a media player - like iTunes or whatever. Get a free account on Phonezoo dot com and import that recording into said phone - instant ringtone!

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Or you could import track 13 from Yume Nikki's bgm folder to the phone via usb. trollface

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well, hells bells..

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Thanks so much man! I didn't even look at the BGM files while I was looking for his scream. Ah man I'm so glad you pointed this out.

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I set Uboa as my alarm clock this morning. Had a headache for the whole day. I nearly shat myself out of my bed like a rocket.

Let me tell you. It's a bad idea.

A very. Very. Bad idea.

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Well, you did woke up. That means it's good.

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