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I know someone's probably gonna say "Lol, someone already done this." So let me clarify on why I'm posting it: It's on the Reddit Server. Join, and go forward and right. You'll see it.

Also I screwed up the mouth. I could probably fix it quickly, but damn, did it take so much time... 1 hour and something-many minutes. This is my first finished spritework in MC btw.

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thats about the time it took me to make poniko. but itll get easier once you get practice

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It's probably because my sprite was actually had some pixels 3 px wide and some 4 px wide and some inbetween.

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that could do it. just zoom into the picture in a program so you can make the pixels more visible or something

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Here's my Poniko. It was easier for me because I did a Poniko cosplay with cardboard and was able to count pixels easier.
I tried Uboa, but that didn't turn out pretty. Plus I ran out of black wool.

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Minecraft to me is for people with abeyant autism. It is a game about virtual legos.
The only people who play with legos are children with autism.
Autismcraft ftw.

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no, the things YOU like suck

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Man was I wrong!

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I think you're talking about roblox. That game is full of retarded little kids and legos.

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Hmmm.... Dont think soo....

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A better use of your time would be to recreate a YN map in 3D.

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that I would support.

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