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I like how Uboa's head sort of bounces lol

pic unrelated, only YN thing I have in my folder derp

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Loved the part when it became Uboa and the music changed to Industrial.

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Speaking of the OP's gif, does anyone have the link to that video of madotsuki and uboa in a pop'n music look alike? I didn't fav it, and my searches aren't finding it.

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Oh-ho-ho-HO! So we have another Pop'n fan here, do we? Glad I'm not alone! I'll try and find that video, stat!

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Uboa otter is amazing. DDD8

And Feeling Pomu is the name of the Pop'n music clone.
You guys should download the game cuz I mean... It's pretty much just as good as the real game. 8P I play PoMu more than Iroha.

And... I actually ripped the gif~ XD I'll try to get more of her animations~

Last edited 10/08/08(Sun)23:19.

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I like PnM16 myself. I can only 5-key though...

How much data is the download?
(CF, do you have a BemaniStyle? :D)

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