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I think this scared quite a few kids away from my house last year.

Hey, more candy for me, amirite?

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I need to make a pumpkin like that.
How'd you do it OP?

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Oh wow this is excellent.
Would also like to hear how it was done

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It's actually not too hard, here's how I did it:
1) Find a good, tall, pumpkin, it has to be large enough to hold Uboa and the outline.
2) Print the below drawing of Uboa maximized on a word document to use as a guide (it's large and perfect for making a Jack-o-lantern). (http://www.deviantart.com/download/82969717/Uboa_by_chrono_fox.png)
2) Cut off the red area leaving only the head.
3) Tape the remaining Uboa picture to the pumpkin (I used tape on the top, bottom, left and right to ensure it stayed the same shape).
4) Using a pen, screw driver, or anything with a round or tipped point, poke across all the black borders, including the ones inside the face.
5) I actually cut out Uboa's shape first when I did this, but in retrospect it would actually be much easier to chisel out the white area (which will eerily glow if done right) while the pumpkin is still intact. To chisel, take a Phillips head screwdriver and slowly etch and peel out the pumpkin skin over the white areas of Uboa's head, going about a centimeter or two deep under the pumpkin skin (the further you dig down, the brighter it will be when you light it up).
6) This part is easy, just cut around Uboa's figure and then from the bottom, cut out a circular outline in a similar fashion to mine.
7) Test it out in a dark room or closet to make sure it looks acceptable and set that bad boy out on the street.

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That seems easy.
How long did it take you?

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It took me the better of 45-55 minutes, including hollowing the pumpkin.

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I could probably do it.
Thanks for the instructions. Now I must await halloween.

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