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Dear /Uboachan/

The birthday of my little brother is near. He's 7 and plays yume nikki too, i taugh him (btw, i'm 19). So, he knows Uboa.

I'm thinking on making an Uboa mask, and keep it on secret until the day of the party. When my mom turns off the lights to bring the cake, and everything is dark, i'll put the mask on.
When the lights are back, i leave the speakers on with the "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" sound.

Does /Uboachan/ approve this idea?

I think it'll be a good present. Pic slightly related, he drawn this for me. <333 madotsuki

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that's awesome.

this picture is cute. I'm also going to get a young relative to play yume nikki.

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I agree with the OP. That little boy is so lucky. I hope he has a good birthday! :) Also, he's quite a good artist for his age.

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You should make him one of those KyuKyu jelly shake things from /c/ to go with his cake.

Tell him the floaty guy from the White Desert says hi and Happy Birthday! (Mine's on Friday!)

I wanna see more of his art. He's got an eye for detail!

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Whoa! That a Frigging good idea! OMG! >w<
:3 umh, i'm thinking on post photos of his reaction.

XD LOLOLOL... BTW, today was the first time he finished Yume Nikki. I didn't help him to get effects or anything.
He was so happy, and made his own theory why she suicides... I'm so proud 8D

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He'll grow up to be a fine young fanboy~

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nononono, what you should do, is paint a HUEG Uboa on the wall in glow-in-the-dark paint.
So, Turn off light = Uboa appears.

Then play the sound.

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Video it, youtube.

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I approve of this so much you don't even ♥

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